I'm on a roll this year

I finished another craft project. (Actually two, but one of them is a Yule present for my sister so I can’t really discuss this here yet) If to include the secret item I made for my sister, I’ve finished four craft projects this year. It so happens this was the goal I set for myself. […]

I'm awake now

After I’d published my last post I started to think about more things I should’ve written or comment about. So this one will be like part two of the previous one. With pictures. A bit about the book I finished on Tuesday – The Heroes by Joe Abercrombie – it took place in the same […]

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I made this!

Ok, some time I ago I was so happy and proud about having finished crocheting a top and I promised to take some pictures of it but somehow never got round to it. Well, I got round to it today. I also took some pictures of the jumper that I finished just a couple of […]

I'm a student again!

I can barely hold back my excitement – as of next week I’m a student again. I’ve finally fulfilled my dream of taking my interest in interior design one step further and will be starting on my diploma. I have two types of thoughts going through my head right now. Firstly – why did I […]