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The Maze Runner

Last night I finished reading The Maze Runner by  James Dashner. I’m not sure whether I’ve not felt like this about a book before or whether it just hasn’t been so obvious, but as far as I can remember, this was the first book where I didn’t really enjoy how it was written at all, but loved the plot so just had to keep reading.

I guess this would prove that you don’t necessarily need to have all the components of writing spot on, as long as you’ve got that something to keep the readers going on and wanting for more.

For a wannabe writer that’s encouraging in a way. It’s like a safety net. Even though for great things you should probably just plunge in head first and devil-may-care. But what do I know anyway. Sometimes you just need that extra bit of comfort and reassurance.

It was 27/25 book of my this year’s reading challenge. I think next year I’ll aim for 30. And overall I’d give the book 3/5 – it was good entertainment and kept me reading until the late hours of the night.


Challenges, Food, My life


I love challenging myself. (And hate it at the same time. It means having to get off my lazy bum and actually DO something!) Seeing what I can achieve if I set my mind on it. Quite a lot apparently.

A very short trip down the Memory Lane – it was 2014 when I thought to myself: ‘Hey, I’ve never made a cheesecake. Let’s make 20 different ones this year!’ And then next year I thought: ‘Cookies are cool as well. Let’s make 20 different types of cookies.’ And now it’s almost 2016 and I’m thinking: ‘Cupcakes and muffins are preeeeetty awesome. ‘

However, I’m also thinking I’d love to be a bit healthier, so 20 different types of cupcakes/muffins sounds a lot! I mean, somebody will need to eat them as well and being so brave and selfless as I am I wouldn’t hesitate to volunteer myself as tribute.

12 cupcakes/muffins. I think this shall be my goal for 2016. Taking it down a notch but still keeping it a challenge. And maybe I’ll put a bit more effort into decorating them as well. Making them all fancy pants.

So, who’s with me?


My life


So, there I was. Tired as ever. Pondering about the deepest meanings of life. And cookies. You’ve always got to ponder about cookies. Sounds better than ‘stuffing your face’ with them.

New Year’s resolutions though. Procrastinating to the max. It’s really comforting to think: ‘Yeah, come New Year I’ll be a completely different person!’ And sure, there are some who keep to what they promise. But for others… Well, for others it’d be the case of – if they think they can start over come a different year, why couldn’t they just do it now? Why put it off? Why is there such significance on ‘New Year, New You’? It’s like saying ‘I’ll start my diet tomorrow!’ It’ll always be ‘tomorrow’. If you want change, there’s no reason why you can’t do it now. Mind games with symbolic importances.

And this is me following my own trail of thought. Going through with it. Ever curious. And so determined.