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Some things I’d like to do

So. It’s 2016. So far it looks no different than 2015. Except for the 6 instead of 5, of course. And even though I did say that a change in the year number shouldn’t make any difference to what we do and like, I have some things I’d like to do differently. And I wouldn’t even say they’re necessarily ‘New Year’s Resolutions’. It’s more like – I felt the need for change in some things and it just happened to occur around this time of year.

Let’s get the most boring things out of the way first. I’m going to worry less. There are some little exercises that I’ve found help with that particular issue of mine. Just so you know, it’s something I’ve developed for myself and I’m sure there’s a dozen books and a hundred websites on how to perfect what I’m doing and how to ‘do it right’, but what I do works for me so I’ll continue with it.

It’s rather simple actually – I assume the lotus position (because why not? May as well be comfortable and not worry about my posture whilst working on my mind. I could probably do it just as well slouching on a couch, but it’s sort of liberating taking deep breaths and just being in my happy place. In fact, sometimes I also do it when walking. But you have to be comfortable just floating away then, best not do it on busy or dodgy streets.) and then I picture myself in Rivendell with all the waterfalls and elves and the whole palooza. And then I confront my worries. It’s sometimes a bit difficult because it’s important to get to the root cause of things to really resolve the matter. And it can be a bit scary. Even though I’m not big with the lies (any more), it’s hard to admit some things, even to yourself. However nothing bad can happen to me in Rivendell so I’m obviously safe to do so there. Once I’ve ever so bravely pinned down what’s bothering me, it’s the simple question of – is there anything I can do about it? With a simple yes/no answer. And then either do it or take a big stamp with ‘NO’ on it and just stamp it away. At times it’s not quite as simple as that and I just can’t help it, but I do try.

Additionally I’ve decided to stop just pinning things on Pinterest and actually start doing them! Whether it’s recipes or crafts or clothes, I absolutely love doing all of it so there’s no reason not to. Pinterest is such a great place for inspiration and now it shall also be my source for motivation. Just go and do it!

And, of course, writing. It’s one thing I’ve always loved doing, as long as I can remember. This blog is the start of it and I guess we’ll see where I go from here. Need to get in the habit of writing again first.

Finally, challenges. I challenge myself, and everyone else who wants to take part in this, to bake 12 different types of cupcakes/muffins and I also challenge myself to read 30 books this year.

P.S As for last year’s cookie challenge – 19 minutes to midnight I remembered I’m still on 19/20 cookies so I invented a recipe on the go and got them ready with 3 minutes to go.

Here’s to great ideas and actually going through with them!


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