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Spicy Coconut Soup

Yesterday I made soup. And I can say without a doubt it’s one of the nicest soups I’ve had. Ever. In addition to tasting absolutely lovely, it’s also really easy to make. And I’m talking like, the only thing you’ll need to put any effort into is chopping up the mushrooms. The rest is just tossing things in the pot and letting it bubble away. I’ve made this a few times now and it’s never failed me.

Now, I wasn’t actually planning on sharing the recipe and all the boring technicalities (which there isn’t a lot of to tell you the truth), not least because I don’t measure anything I put in there and adjust the recipe according to what I’ve got at home. But I just got really excited thinking about how I get to have this soup in a bit so here’s the idea of it anyway:

What you’ll need:

  • Oil – a squirt. Around 1 tbsp (I just use olive oil, because that’s what I’ve got in my cupboard)
  • Red curry paste – you have to know yourself and your audience here. I usually add about 2-3 tbsps – depending on the brand i’m working with – which is a lot if you don’t like your food spicy! So approach with caution (now, I don’t want to name any brands, but this time I didn’t have my usual brand’s curry paste and had to use another one and it made a massive difference)
  • Ginger – I wouldn’t go nuts with it, but I’d say a teaspoon or 2 would be a safeish amount (I use powdered, but you can of course use fresh)
  • Lemon – another squirt of around 1tbsp (again, mine comes from one of those little yellow lemon-shaped concentrate bottles, but you can use lemongrass, real lemon, what ever tastes lemony)
  • Chicken stock – about 1l of it will do
  • Fish sauce – about 2tbsp
  • Brown sugar – 2tbsp (I use dark brown muscovado sugar)
  • Coconut milk – 2 cans
  • Mushrooms – as many as you’d like, in the last lot I used 400g of plain white ones
  • I usually also add 2 chopped up chicken fillets, but I didn’t have any this time
  • And salt (and butter)

Cooking it is really straightforward – you take a big pot, put the heat on medium and squirt the oil in. Then add the curry paste, ginger and lemon. And if you’re me you’re only just remembering about the chicken stock, so on goes the kettle and by the time it’s boiling, add it to the pot. Now add fish sauce and sugar and stir it all up. By now you’ll have an inkling of what your soup will be like, so if you’d like it a bit spicier, I’m sure you can make it so. Let it bubble for about 15 minutes which is just enough time to slice up your mushrooms and give them a good fry in butter in another pan. And if you’re also adding chicken or anything else, now’s the time to prepare it. After the 15ish minutes, add coconut milk and mushrooms (and salt). This’ll mellow it down a lot. Let it come to boil again, simmer for a few minutes and voila! All you’ve left to do is marvel at what you’ve accomplished in no time and with absolutely minimal effort.

The end result for me is coconutty broth with warm heat just tickling your throat, and the mushrooms and/or chicken adding a bit of texture and bite. And yes, half way through writing down the ingredients I went and got myself a bowl of it which reassured me I should most definitely share this with you guys!




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