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Catching up – random thoughts

I’ve been kind of hung up on making a very specific blog post giving you my amazing curry recipe. However I’ve not really felt like doing it yet so I’ve not written about anything else either. Makes sense? No? Didn’t think so.

I watched a video from my favourite youtuber (Jenna Marbles) today. It was about second puberty. Finally something that explains all my weird symptoms! Why I’m so tired and achy and weird bodily reactions and all sorts. It just explains it all so well.

I have been working a lot as well though. Probably why it’s only 9pm and I’m already in bed, struggling to keep my eyes open.

There’s an announcement I’d like to make – I’ve actually kept to some of the changes I wanted to go through with this year. I’m definitely worrying a lot less about things that I shouldn’t worry about – such as things that I can’t do anything about or things that I just shouldn’t care about. There’ll probably be a trigger at some point which will undo a lot of the work I’ve been doing on myself but hey, so far so good!

Soon there will be an ice-cream machine in our household. A birthday present from my nan. And I absolutely can’t wait! There’ll be mountains of healthy ice-creams. Especially coconut. And liquorice. And mango. And banana. And peppermint.

Just putting it out there – I have a chupa-chups candle. In fact I’ve got 2.

Deadpool was really good. Enjoyed it a lot! Can’t wait for the next one.

I think it’s time to sign off.



My life


Sometimes one may be feeling a bit better and one may also want to be better in every other way as well. And one may then think it’d have to happen immediately or – oh, woe is me! – it’ll never become reality. In these instances one would do good to remember that everything – especially change and especially for the better – takes time. And, in fact, taking your time with it would make certain the change will stick. What is rushed today will be forgotten tomorrow – set your mind to it however, persist and persevere, you’ll want to fight that much harder to keep it and to keep following the path you’ve chosen (whether thinking clearly or just dreaming. Anything can happen.)

Sometimes one may feel like giving up. What’s the point? they may ask. Where am I going with this? they may add. If your way is not clear to you, why not just keep going and look for the crossroads? Why go back the way you’ve already come? You already know what’s there. With the world wide open, there really isn’t any point going backwards. Go find the crossroads and make your decision then. One will come up. (I mean, has anyone ever heard of a road that has no other roads joining it any point? If you have, please do let me know! I’m genuinely curious about this.)

Sometimes one may feel like they really like crocheting. And then one does it.

Sometimes one may also feel like their chicken and mango curry is the best invention ever. And one may even share their recipe in the next post.