I have no self control

Just… no. None. Well, some. But depending on the situation I can be easily persuaded. Unless I feel stubborn at the time. Then there’s no way to convince me otherwise. What am I on about? Basically, I had ice-cream today. And some crisps. I regret nothing! I signed up for a 5k mud run. It […]


So. You know that feeling when you’ve got a cold and it sucks? And then it turns to full blown flu and you’re like ‘Okay, could I just have the cold back now?’ and then you’ve had the flu for a couple of days and you’d look the part as one of the reindeers on […]

It's been a while

Quite a bit has happened since I last wrote here and even though it’s mostly important to just me on a personal level and would hardly interest any of you guys, whoever you may be, there have been some things that I’d like to share. I made muffins! So now I’ve made 5/12 cupcakes/muffins this […]