My life

It’s been a while

Quite a bit has happened since I last wrote here and even though it’s mostly important to just me on a personal level and would hardly interest any of you guys, whoever you may be, there have been some things that I’d like to share.

I made muffins! So now I’ve made 5/12 cupcakes/muffins this year. And it’s only March! Wahoo! I’m so on track with it it’s absolutely amazing. Ones were white chocolate and summer berries muffins and the other ones banana and yoghurt muffins. Tasted really good as well, which makes me even prouder.

White Choc + Summer Berries
White Choc + Summer Berries


Banana + Yoghurt
Banana + Yoghurt








I’ve also been to Estonia to see my family again and on my way back I had some time to kill in Stockholm Arlanda airport and I’ve got to say, I really don’t think I’d mind living in Sweden. What’s not to like – they’ve got humongous amounts of liquorice goodies, moomins and Pippi plus everything moose! Who wouldn’t love to have a moose mug on a moose coaster whilst donning an immaculate moose apron, oven mitt and hat. All things moose. We need more of that here, I’d say. I imagine things would be quite a bit different. Well, moosier at the very least.

SNOW! Almost forgot to let you guys know that we had snow! Like, the real stuff. On Thursday when I had a super early start (is it even legal to have to wake up at 6am?) and when I looked out of the window the ground was covered with the cold white awesomeness that we call snow. And I even got to brush it off my car! What a blissful moment that was. Everything was right in the world again. You know, snow-wise. And only until it all melted 4 hours later and turned to sludge so my feet got really wet.

By the way, my garden is going to be absolutely amazing! That’s all I can say about this now, but I’ll keep you updated. Trust me, it’s something that you won’t want to miss. And now that it’s out there I’ve got to go and actually do this. That’s how it works, right?



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