My life


So. You know that feeling when you’ve got a cold and it sucks? And then it turns to full blown flu and you’re like ‘Okay, could I just have the cold back now?’ and then you’ve had the flu for a couple of days and you’d look the part as one of the reindeers on Santa’s team with your red nose and it feels like your throat has been ripped open from the inside and the headaches still haven’t stopped and you’re like ‘Am I good to go now? Could I just drop dead so the suffering would end?’

But then one morning you wake up and you don’t dare to open your eyes yet, but.. could it be? Your head doesn’t feel like it’s going to fall off anymore? Fair enough, you’re still a scary snotmonster from another dimension. And your throat feels like you’d fit in well in an episode of House. But the fever is definitely gone! I’ll take it. Small steps is fine by me. Then you let out a happy sigh, sit back and relax. Just enjoy the road to recovery.

That’s where I’m at today. The past few days make me appreciate feeling even a little better.


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