My life

I have no self control

Just… no. None. Well, some. But depending on the situation I can be easily persuaded. Unless I feel stubborn at the time. Then there’s no way to convince me otherwise. What am I on about? Basically, I had ice-cream today. And some crisps. I regret nothing!

I signed up for a 5k mud run. It conflicts with a few of my principles. The first one being ‘I don’t run.’ I just don’t. For the life of me I can’t understand people who do it for fun and enjoyment. I run for 20 seconds and I’m gasping for breath, seeing spots and ready to faint. Not even kidding. Just horrid. Been trying to think what other principles of mine am I ignoring by going to this event, but the first one just seems to have said it all.

What is wrong with this post? I keep writing a paragraph or an idea and then deleting it and then writing about something else and delete again. Could be because I’m very sleepy. Or because I’m watching Masterchef. The UK version. Not the proper one. I’ve no idea what’s going on though. It said it’s the first episode, but there’s only 5 contestants. The food looks good though.

Probably going to do some fun things to my hair this weekend. I’m thinking it’s spring enough to change colour again. Wheeeee!



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