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Finally done!

Oh that feels good. So good. Having finally actually done something Important off my to-do list. So proud of myself! It was going through a ton of old dusty boring paperwork for some snippets of supposedly important information. Pfft I say. Still. I did it!

Oh, and I also baked. Made some mustard + ham + cheese pastries. According to certain people they were very yummy. The certain people may or may not also include me. It probably does include me, you know. Cause I freaking loved them! Omnomnom.

Kitchen planning is fun! I spent 5h on it the other day. I won’t lie. There were some frustrating bits. Especially when the items I wanted, nay – needed, didn’t fit on the plan. Then I lost an inch of the wall somewhere. It was there but it wasn’t. In the end I concluded it must’ve been an interdimensional anomaly and just left it. It’s just something I’ve got to learn to live with, I guess. A mysterious inch. That’s there but isn’t. It was there when I measured everything. And it matched the measurements on the plan. But it wasn’t on the plan. It’s just. I don’t know. Very happy with the end result however. Almost. Soon.

Sleepy now. Good night!


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