My life

Dreams and diets

I just can’t get past the fact how weird my dreams are. Have you ever had any dreams where you woke up actually crying? Or screaming? Hah, funny story about that one actually. There was this one time a few years ago I got woken up by someone screaming their head off. Took me a second or two to realise that someone was me. Then I of course shut up. And remembered. I’d been dreaming about Voldemort. Thanks for that J.K Rowling.

Healthy diet is a good diet. Duh. How come if it’s so good for you it’s so much more time consuming than a crappy diet? Or is that what they’d like us to think? I think I’m just lazy. If you order takeaway you still have to wait anywhere from 30-90 minutes for the food to come. The food itself will be consumed in a matter of minutes because you’ve been drooling thinking about it for an hour now. Then you’re left with a bunch of boxes. Plus the guilt. Oh the good old cry you have after having a big pile of crappy food, sobbing on the empty food containers, promising to get better, promising to let go of the delicious naughtiness, not to sin anymore. You know, until the next time you’re hungry again. Whereas with a little bit more effort from your part, you could’ve wizarded a meal perfectly good for you in that time. Yeah. Laziness is great. Keeps all those local takeaway businesses going. Oh, but making your own meals you can use ingredients from local farmers and butchers to keep them in business. I guess you’ve just got to eat ALL the food. I’m kidding. Healthy is the way to go. I mean, have you ever cried because you feel guilty about eating a salad – or just a nice home cooked meal? Didn’t think so.


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