My life


I did a bit of gardening today. Sorted out my hydrangea and some old plant pots. Absolutely can’t wait to have the garden finished. For this however I do need a plan. And one day very soon I’m going to make that said plan. To say I know nothing about landscaping would be a humongous understatement. I honestly do not know the first thing about it. But I’ve got Pinterest. What more could I need, eh? I also know I want it super low maintenance. I’d actually prefer it if the plants took care of me rather than the other way round. Little plant fairies. That’d be the best. That and a big unicorn statue.

To do. I’ve got a lot to do. Do I want to do it though? Nope. Most of the time I do not. Why? I’ve no idea. What would I rather do then? No clue. It’s rather bizarre actually. It’s not like I’d really mind the things I’ve got to do. But there’s this little inner voice that just goes ‘No!’ whenever I bring it up. And it’s pointless arguing with it. I either just go against it and get things done or watch another episode of Lucifer or Vikings or whatever else there is I’ve got to catch up with. I wonder what that’d be like. To be caught up with all the TV series I follow. Probably an impossible dream. It’s not one I’m really working towards just now anyway. I’ll have enough time to watch all the series when I retire. Or break a leg or something. Being as accident prone as I am (poured boiling water on my finger today. Ow.), I’m surprised I haven’t broken anything big already. Only nose and toes and such.

It’s getting late now and I’ve got to be up in the middle of the night to go to work tomorrow (6am is not an acceptable hour to have to wake up). Goodnight!


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