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Rough neighbourhood

Cat is on the stairs, looking down. Being all playful and swiping at me.

Mr: Don’t be scared. Play with him. He won’t hurt you.

*Me looking dubiously at Cat’s massive claws, swiping at the air between us*

Mr: Come on, just punch him.

*Me punches cat in the face. Oops.*

*Cat looks confused*

What can I say? We obviously live in a very rough neighbourhood.

(Disclaimer: No cats were hurt during this incident)


Yeah. So I was confused and unsure about what to do with the cat in that very moment. Our usual quality time is a lot calmer. We just cuddle and he purrs and I tell him how pretty and cute he is. Then he looks at me like ‘I know’. He does know though. He’s so aware of his perks and what he can get away with. And the stuff he shouldn’t get away with – well he can annoy me a lot more effectively than I him. In all seriousness though he’s a very well behaved specimen. Only annoying when I have to wake up at 6am to get to work for 7am so I’m on a very tight schedule and he needs to have his breakfast and morning cuddles then and there. Other than that he’s the sweetest little thing.

On a different note – today I had leek and potato soup for the first time in my life. Courtesy of my masterful boyfriend. Tasted gorgeous. Very simple and earthy but oh so yummy! Apparently it was the first time he’s made this soup in 18 years. I’m feeling very honoured. Thank you!


Food, My life

Fishy swamp grass

If you know me, you know that I looooove Masterchef. (The US version with Gordon Ramsay of course) I absolutely can’t wait for the new episodes. I couldn’t care less about Game of Thrones compared to Masterchef. Love it. Huge fan. Can’t. Wait. Anyway. I think I’ve actually mentioned this here some time ago already. My all time favourite Masterchef winner is Luca. And Luca wrote a cookbook. Then my amazing boyfriend got me this cookbook for my birthday. And tadaah! Yesterday I made Luca’s salmon risotto. Oh. Dear. Me. It was lush, if I do say so myself. I’ve never made risotto and I’m extremely specific about how I like my fish. This, however. It was just… Sogood. Luca clearly knows how I like my salmon. With grapes, apparently.

I’m also done planning my garden. Well, the drawing and some additional sketches of the garden are ready. Now the actual planning begins. Budgeting and prioritising. Plus everything else. Actually doing it as well probably. You know, someday. In all seriousness though I’m fully planning to begin this summer. Which is like next week. Did you know it’s June next week? How mad is that?!

Also, apparently we’re to have a really hot summer this year. Toasty!


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Green alien

Today I was introduced to broccoli in food making for the first time. It was bizarre. It was like this funny looking green alien. And I had to cut into it! I was at a total loss at first, I have to admit. Do you know the feeling when you’re not sure which parts of the ingredient are actually edible? I had one of those moments. I wasn’t sure at all what it’s going to be like. It was as if I was setting out on a great expedition to excavate some deep culinary secrets. What did I discover on my great journey today? Apparently you just cut off the cute little bunches of curly bubbles. Two escaped. Anyway, then came the hard part. Actually preparing it. As I couldn’t be bothered getting another saucepan out I thought I’ll just fry it. So I heated some oil, tossed in onion and garlic followed by the broccoli. It turned such bright green! Oh my goodness! I’ve never seen any food item being so vivid green! I was so amazed! Clearly still am! All the exclamation marks! In the end it was one super yummy pot of pasta. With broccoli. And mushrooms, mince, tomatoes etc. Oh, and mozzarella. Oh yeah I did!

I finished reading.. What was it called again? Ah, yes, Prada and Prejudice. It was, hmm, different? I really thought it was like a bag of crisps. It’s a nice and easy snack/book. It doesn’t really give you anything – there’s no nutrients/meaning. Most of the bag/book is air/pointless. You get through it quickly. And you have to keep going. Can’t just have/read one crisp/chapter. I’d recommend it if you were in a serious need of some brain downtime. I’m not saying it was a bad book. Just the plots, character development, events, writing style etc were… hmm. Rushed maybe? In one chapter (they were quite small chapters, by the way) a character would meet someone for the second time, ask them to move in and have a snogging session. And everyone always misunderstands everything. It’s all rather dramatic. Quite a lot of it didn’t make much sense from an actual human point of view. But I’m now on 11/30 books of my this year’s reading challenge. I best get reading, eh?

As I’m in starting to see the end to this super long work week I’m thinking I’ll be writing more soon. Maybe. Will see.


Books, Food, My life


From 30th April/1st May (or somewhen then):

I absolutely love cookbooks. I love buying them, I love going through them, I love finding inspiration. Last week I bought 3 more. I already have a long shelf filled with them but apparently that wasn’t enough. What’s more – I didn’t just buy 3 new cookbooks, I’ve already made something from one of them! I made borscht for the first time in my life. It turned out so good. Absolutely loved it. Omnomnom. Also, apparently beetroot is really good for lowering blood pressure.

From today:

Right, so I wrote the paragraph above over a week ago but then something distracted me and I forgot to finish writing.

Anyway – have had the busiest and the most awesome weekend! On Thursday I went ice skating with my little monster. She did really good! Even skated on her own, without any help rail thingies. I was feeling very rusty though. Almost fell flat on my face when I first stepped on ice. Eeshk!

Friday we went to the water park with my whole family. They had a lot of different kinds of pools and saunas and even a water bar – you could order drinks to the pool! Was really awesome and relaxing.

Saturday we went to an animal park with native Estonian animals rather than exotic ones. There was this cutest little bear who kept following us and showing us her tricks. She was so adorable my mum wanted to take her home with us! (Unfortunately we couldn’t. The car was already full 😦 ) This was followed by a visit to the Ice Age Centre. This was a museum with a lot of interactive exhibitions. Was absolutely fantastic.

Sunday my little monster, me and Mr C went horseback riding. Another fantastic experience! Monster’s horse kept getting spooked and even though she was pretty scared herself, she managed really well and was so brave. The 3 of us did a little round on horseback to get used to being on horseback again and then Mr C and I went on a quite a trek with our guide. Just a piece of wisdom we learned from that experience – if you’ve not been on a horse for 5-10 years, it’s really not a good idea to go on a full on 2h journey, especially in canter. We’ve been pretty much crippled ever since. Ow. And more ow.

Monday Mr C was the guest lecturer in 2 English lessons. Can confirm all parties enjoyed this experience very much. Afterwards I went to the hairdressers to have my hair cut a little.

That’s it. I’ve not and I’m not going to proof read what I’ve written. I’m absolutely deaded and ready for bed. So this was just a quick overview of what’s probably the most exciting weekend I’ve had or will have in a long while.