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From 30th April/1st May (or somewhen then):

I absolutely love cookbooks. I love buying them, I love going through them, I love finding inspiration. Last week I bought 3 more. I already have a long shelf filled with them but apparently that wasn’t enough. What’s more – I didn’t just buy 3 new cookbooks, I’ve already made something from one of them! I made borscht for the first time in my life. It turned out so good. Absolutely loved it. Omnomnom. Also, apparently beetroot is really good for lowering blood pressure.

From today:

Right, so I wrote the paragraph above over a week ago but then something distracted me and I forgot to finish writing.

Anyway – have had the busiest and the most awesome weekend! On Thursday I went ice skating with my little monster. She did really good! Even skated on her own, without any help rail thingies. I was feeling very rusty though. Almost fell flat on my face when I first stepped on ice. Eeshk!

Friday we went to the water park with my whole family. They had a lot of different kinds of pools and saunas and even a water bar – you could order drinks to the pool! Was really awesome and relaxing.

Saturday we went to an animal park with native Estonian animals rather than exotic ones. There was this cutest little bear who kept following us and showing us her tricks. She was so adorable my mum wanted to take her home with us! (Unfortunately we couldn’t. The car was already full 😦 ) This was followed by a visit to the Ice Age Centre. This was a museum with a lot of interactive exhibitions. Was absolutely fantastic.

Sunday my little monster, me and Mr C went horseback riding. Another fantastic experience! Monster’s horse kept getting spooked and even though she was pretty scared herself, she managed really well and was so brave. The 3 of us did a little round on horseback to get used to being on horseback again and then Mr C and I went on a quite a trek with our guide. Just a piece of wisdom we learned from that experience – if you’ve not been on a horse for 5-10 years, it’s really not a good idea to go on a full on 2h journey, especially in canter. We’ve been pretty much crippled ever since. Ow. And more ow.

Monday Mr C was the guest lecturer in 2 English lessons. Can confirm all parties enjoyed this experience very much. Afterwards I went to the hairdressers to have my hair cut a little.

That’s it. I’ve not and I’m not going to proof read what I’ve written. I’m absolutely deaded and ready for bed. So this was just a quick overview of what’s probably the most exciting weekend I’ve had or will have in a long while.


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