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Rough neighbourhood

Cat is on the stairs, looking down. Being all playful and swiping at me.

Mr: Don’t be scared. Play with him. He won’t hurt you.

*Me looking dubiously at Cat’s massive claws, swiping at the air between us*

Mr: Come on, just punch him.

*Me punches cat in the face. Oops.*

*Cat looks confused*

What can I say? We obviously live in a very rough neighbourhood.

(Disclaimer: No cats were hurt during this incident)


Yeah. So I was confused and unsure about what to do with the cat in that very moment. Our usual quality time is a lot calmer. We just cuddle and he purrs and I tell him how pretty and cute he is. Then he looks at me like ‘I know’. He does know though. He’s so aware of his perks and what he can get away with. And the stuff he shouldn’t get away with – well he can annoy me a lot more effectively than I him. In all seriousness though he’s a very well behaved specimen. Only annoying when I have to wake up at 6am to get to work for 7am so I’m on a very tight schedule and he needs to have his breakfast and morning cuddles then and there. Other than that he’s the sweetest little thing.

On a different note – today I had leek and potato soup for the first time in my life. Courtesy of my masterful boyfriend. Tasted gorgeous. Very simple and earthy but oh so yummy! Apparently it was the first time he’s made this soup in 18 years. I’m feeling very honoured. Thank you!


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