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100 years later

I realise I haven’t written anything in a very long time. I’ve been quite ill and then I went to see my family and now my family’s come to see me and it’s been just, well, pretty crazy, to be honest. I’m not sure what to even write about. It’s been nagging at me for weeks – why haven’t you posted anything? Are you going to write something yet? Do you not care about writing anymore you fuzzy cow? Well, I still care about writing very much and I want to keep the commitment I made to myself and my blog going, so here I am – still not too sure about what’s going on and what’s going to happen, but we’ll see. One step at a time.

I bought another cookbook today. Told you I have a problem. This one is about indulgent cakes. I’ve only looked through a little bit of it and I’m already absolutely certain it’ll go perfectly with the rest of my collection.

Last night I had a mad action/thriller dream. It had Robin Scherbatsky and her dad in it. Her dad happened to be an evil transformer by the way. There were zombies and shooting and I was a hero but I got shot a little but it was just awesome.



P.S How long has it actually been since my last post? I can’t find the publish button anymore. How does it work?!

My life

Everything’s the wrong

Someone can’t just come along and say nothing’s wrong when absolutely everything’s the wrong. I mean, if I can’t pinpoint what’s making me pace restlessly, pick things up only to put them down, feeling hot with socks on, freezing with socks off, fume with rage – inner and outer – then it’s got to be everything. No other explanation. The first person to suggest anything specific will be huffed and puffed to oblivion.

It’s my day off work today so once again I don’t know what to do with myself. I’ve had so few days off that I feel a bit lost when I’ve finally got some time for myself. My to do list is quite long and getting more unpleasant by the day. Partly because it keeps getting longer, I guess. Thus the feeling that I’ll never get it done so why even bother starting. To be honest I did a few things from it today. Some even that I’d be putting off for a while. I’m really good at that. I should be a demotivational speaker. What a great idea! I’ll put it on my to do list.

I better go and not get anything else done now or I may feel like I’ve accomplished something by the end of the day. That in turn could be a good confidence boost and make me feel like I can actually do things. Nonono, can’t have that.