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You have to be realistic about these things

So, my super organised side has kicked in again. That’s one good thing about having dramatic melt downs – you get to come out of it more glorious than ever. With massive amounts of confidence and plans and -yes, you guessed it – super organised lists. Lists galore! I even scheduled in writing this post. However, like all beautiful castles built of pink clouds and rainbows, this would be bound to come crashing down on me. So I have to be realistic. I fully realise that I may have to leave some of the items from my list for tomorrow or the rest of the week. Force majeure etc. I could be SUPER sleepy later on for example. I did get up at 6am so it’s surprising I’m still up even now. So as long as I get everything done withing a reasonable amount of time, it’s absolutely fine.

The big upside of this fantastic list is that this means I won’t have to be stressing my bum off over chores and whatevers, because I do actually have time for everything. Just need to actually do instead of stress. Washing isn’t on the list today? Well I doubt it’ll do itself overnight, so it’ll still be there tomorrow and I’ll do it when I’ve got it noted down. Doesn’t meant I won’t be doing it. Just spreading stuff out and taking it easy and – my goodness me,- less stressing, woman!

Keep on shining unicorns, because it’ll be alright! Just be realistic about things.


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Or not

Sometimes I open my laptop and ideas just come flooding in and it’s near enough impossible to pick one to write about. At other times however… well. At other times I write about how it’s been raining and how I’ve been working and am now enjoying my one day off before going back to work again.

Oh, I’ve got it! I know what I’ll write about. I finished reading Joe Abercrombie’s First Law trilogy. Oh my goodness. What a journey it was. I absolutely loved the way he wrote and the storylines were so good and full of unexpected twists (some I called though and I was so happy when I got it right). I even enjoyed the ending. It wasn’t one of those definite endings where the world gets blown up but I think that’s what made it good. It didn’t make me go ‘Oh, well, I guess that’s it’. No-no. Instead it made me go ‘Ooh, I wonder what becomes of this and that character’ and ‘I bet this character will end up going there and doing that thing with the other character’. Lots of fun. I’ll miss them though. Hope to see them again soon… *sniff*

I’ll go make a Shepherd’s Pie now to drown my sorrows.


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Not for granted

Hi. I’d just like to take a moment to appreciate the things none of us should take for granted in our lives. Like family. Most of us are lucky enough to have a family. And some even have loving and supporting families. Half of my family lives a few thousand miles away (I’ve no idea how far it actually is, I’m VERY bad at judging distances. But I think a few thousand miles is vague enough to be plausible.) and the other half that I’ve created myself lives around me. I have wonderful sisters, absolutely fully awesome parents and the loveliest grandparents, uncles, cousins etc. Then I have my SO (Significant Otter) and his family and everyone’s just so freakin’ great! I feel like I’ve eaten a full bucket of cotton candy – sickly sweet. But with that sense of victory.

I’ve gone 2 days without buying any cookbooks. Definitely sensing withdrawal symptoms. I’ll probably be going through my existing ones soon to find any awesome recipes that I might’ve forgotten about. I’ll make sure to share my findings!


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I bought another cookbook. The Hairy Bikers’ Perfect Pies. I have a problem. Do they have gatherings for cookbook addicts? I then went through it and put sticky notes on the pages of recipes that I’d like to make. Looks like if I had my way we’d be having pies every day for a few months and then just roll around. Because we’d be really round. Probably resemble pies as well.

A couple of nights ago I dreamt that I bought a plane and then I woke up and couldn’t think of a reason why I shouldn’t buy a plane. Except that I did regret it a little in my dream when I could only find a tiny runway which was surrounded by water. I think it was moored in a river actually. Pretty sure I also saw some alligators.

Have you ever had the feeling when you’re dreaming and running away from something/someone in your dream and you really need to go faster but you just can’t, because your feet feel like they’re filled with lead or you’re stuck in icky sticky goo? Well, I had that today. Except that I wasn’t dreaming. We went on a little castle trip in Wales (my first time in Wales, by the way!) and it was, well, rather hilly. And my car only has a tiny little engine. Boy did we struggle with a few bits. Trying our best but the car’s feet were just filled with lead. Got there in the end though! Lake District next?