Books, Food, Recipes

Or not

Sometimes I open my laptop and ideas just come flooding in and it’s near enough impossible to pick one to write about. At other times however… well. At other times I write about how it’s been raining and how I’ve been working and am now enjoying my one day off before going back to work again.

Oh, I’ve got it! I know what I’ll write about. I finished reading Joe Abercrombie’s First Law trilogy. Oh my goodness. What a journey it was. I absolutely loved the way he wrote and the storylines were so good and full of unexpected twists (some I called though and I was so happy when I got it right). I even enjoyed the ending. It wasn’t one of those definite endings where the world gets blown up but I think that’s what made it good. It didn’t make me go ‘Oh, well, I guess that’s it’. No-no. Instead it made me go ‘Ooh, I wonder what becomes of this and that character’ and ‘I bet this character will end up going there and doing that thing with the other character’. Lots of fun. I’ll miss them though. Hope to see them again soon… *sniff*

I’ll go make a Shepherd’s Pie now to drown my sorrows.


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