My life

You have to be realistic about these things

So, my super organised side has kicked in again. That’s one good thing about having dramatic melt downs – you get to come out of it more glorious than ever. With massive amounts of confidence and plans and -yes, you guessed it – super organised lists. Lists galore! I even scheduled in writing this post. However, like all beautiful castles built of pink clouds and rainbows, this would be bound to come crashing down on me. So I have to be realistic. I fully realise that I may have to leave some of the items from my list for tomorrow or the rest of the week. Force majeure etc. I could be SUPER sleepy later on for example. I did get up at 6am so it’s surprising I’m still up even now. So as long as I get everything done withing a reasonable amount of time, it’s absolutely fine.

The big upside of this fantastic list is that this means I won’t have to be stressing my bum off over chores and whatevers, because I do actually have time for everything. Just need to actually do instead of stress. Washing isn’t on the list today? Well I doubt it’ll do itself overnight, so it’ll still be there tomorrow and I’ll do it when I’ve got it noted down. Doesn’t meant I won’t be doing it. Just spreading stuff out and taking it easy and – my goodness me,- less stressing, woman!

Keep on shining unicorns, because it’ll be alright! Just be realistic about things.


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