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Unboxing #1 & #2

Be warned, this post is mostly about makeup products, so if that’s not what you’re into, I’ll see you at my next post.

So my other half recently discovered subscription boxes and subscribed to Lootcrate which turned out to be completely awesome. For those of you who are new to subscription boxes – it means that every month (or at different frequency, depending on the box) you get a parcel with mystery contents in it. There’s usually a theme. Like with Lootcrate it’s all really cool ‘geeky’ things. Think comics, films, games etc.

Now, as much as I love all that, at the end of the day I’m a girl and I also like girly things. So I decided to subscribe to a beauty box. I chose Birchbox to begin with and I was really excited when it finally arrived! In fact I was so excited I decided to subscribe to Glossybox as well, just to try it out (actually this one was a gift from the Mr). My Glossybox is yet to arrive, but I’ve got my Birchbox. When it got here I naturally told everyone I know how awesome it is and what cool items it’s got and my sister suggested why not do an unboxing feature on my blog. As I’d already opened everything by then it’s not going to be quite as interesting as you’d hope, but I did have the foresight to take a picture of all of its contents before digging in.

My first box was actually two boxes as they had a special promotion going when I subscribed. Now, one great thing about Birchbox is that the boxes are actually like little pull out drawers. This way once you have a few boxes you can stack them up (I’ll probably just use glue on mine) and it’s a cute little chest of drawers you can put your makeup and other things in.

I’m not sure if I should review all of these, but I’ll tell you my favourites so far. I absolutely love the Bioderma makeup remover, it gets rid of all my wedding makeup practice runs so easily. I also like the Whish almond body butter, it leaves my skin really soft and smelling lovely, but I think the smell may be a bit strong for some people so I’m lucky I like it. My third favourite item from this lot is the Parlor by Jeff Chastain volumising and lifting hair spray. It actually does work and it’s left my hair feeling and looking clean and bouncy even on day 2 which is quite rare these days (yay at second puberty!).

Next time I’ll try to rein in my excitement for a while and get pictures of the unboxing itself. Also, I’m not sure why these pictures seem to be bad quality as well, as they were fine before I uploaded them here, not like my crocheting ones which were dodgy to begin with.


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I’m a student again!

I can barely hold back my excitement – as of next week I’m a student again. I’ve finally fulfilled my dream of taking my interest in interior design one step further and will be starting on my diploma.

I have two types of thoughts going through my head right now. Firstly – why did I just take on more responsibilities, especially as I’ve never enjoyed school (except for when I spent all my free time between and after classes in the library)? Secondly – I’m so excited to learn more about interior design and I’m investing in myself (and our house at least, if all else fails). Mostly it’s the second one though. Especially now that I’ve got access to my course contents and I know what I’m going to be learning and doing for the next year.

As for crocheting, my jumper is coming along nicely. I still haven’t taken a picture of the top I made, but I promise I’ll do it soon. Here are some pictures of my jumper progress though. They’re a bit potato quality but meh. And yes, Mischief has been a great help.


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How to human

So, two posts in one day. I’m in a very different mood from earlier. I think it may be The Vampire Diaries rubbing off on me, making me all melancholic. Or maybe it’s my failed attempt at applying eyeliner. Who knows?

Have you ever forgotten how to human? I seem to have lost my ability to function. I hope it’s temporary. It’s really weird though. It’s like… I feel that no matter where I look I have no purpose or direction and it’s weird because I have goals. And not empty positive ones. Real goals that I’ve taken apart into steps so they’re actually achievable. And I have so much in my life, I’m actually really lucky. So what makes me feel like this? Maybe it’s because I’m terrified of change and my head seems to be changing. I’m apprehensive of large crowds and unknown places. Again that’s odd as I’m usually rather independent and have no problem travelling to a foreign country with no certain plans for example. So why is it that I’m scared of the small things?

For example there’s 2 shops about 5 minutes walk from my house. One of them old, the other one quite new. I can go to the old shop and stay focused on what I need but when I go to the new one I get all anxious and panicky. The other day I was meeting a colleague outside said shops and I found that now I got anxious when I was outside the shop as well.

I know what I think I want to do, but when I look at these prospects it feels like it just goes way above me and I’d have no idea how to even float there, not to mention being able to swim through it. Maybe I just don’t feel like a capable adult? It seems to feel different from the usual ‘I can’t doooo this’ mode though. It feels like it’s coming from inside, I think.

Sometimes out of the blue I just really want to give up. I don’t know which part I’d want to give up. But I think at the moment my cat is a better human than I am. He knows all the right things to say.



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Fair trade?

So I’ve decided to start working out again. For the umpteenth time. Today was my third workout. I can do push ups again. However I’m now so dead and my limbs not functioning that I can’t open my water bottle. Is that a fair trade? I mean, I finally managed to uncap it by holding the cap in my mouth and twisting the bottle around. So all’s good. I found a way around my issue. What of the other side of the bargain though – my newly (re)discovered ability to push ups (again)? When will this become handy? — I just spent some time thinking about it and concluded it’ll be a really good skill to have in a push up competition. And when lifting heavy things. Like that gigantic tub of ice cream I’m dreaming of right now. Would need some muscle power to lift that. I mean I’m talking about a GIGANTIC one. Like the peach that James had. But ice-cream, not a peach. Although I’d take a giant peach as well if someone was offering.

Right, that was a bit of a nonsense ramble there. Moving on. I’m crocheting a jumper now. Yup, you heard right. A jumper. I’ve finished with the bottom edge of it and am now doing, or at least trying to do, the main part but I keep making mistakes and only realising it later on so there’s been a lot of taking it all apart and going back again. I want to do this right however so I don’t mind. Erhm, not too much anyway. I was a little bit heartbroken when I was about a fifth of the way there and realised that what I was making would maybe fit a panda but definitely not me. It had somehow all gone literally sideways. Don’t even ask, I don’t know what happened. After asking Mr to take it apart for me (I just couldn’t do it myself) and starting again it’s looking good so far though so fingers crossed.

Right, have to go stretch a little more now or there’ll be no going down the stairs or even leaving the bed tomorrow.


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This is the day of wonders

I finished a craft project! I actually finished one. Today. I accomplished the improbable, defeated all the odds, seized the day, peed in the wind… well maybe not the latter. But I did finish my crochet top. It’s quite lovely as well. I’ll see if I can maybe take some pictures in the daylight tomorrow. I can also start a new project now. So excited. Any suggestions and ideas welcome.

I also invented a really lovely low calorie pudding. I was craving something sweet but I didn’t want to put any effort in it and I also didn’t want it to be too ‘naughty’. And there they were – lovely ripe bananas on my kitchen worktop just waiting to be made into something delicious. So I obeyed. I chopped up 1.5 bananas, mixed 0.5tsp cinnamon and 2tsp of dark demerara sugar, heated the frying pan, sprayed it with some coconut oil, threw the bananas in, let them fry a minute, threw the cinnamon/sugar mix in, tossed them all around for a couple of minutes, took the pan off the heat and scooped the gorgeously gooey pudding into a bowl and added some single cream. Oh, it was so nice. Here it is in a bit of a better format.


5 minutes


125g (1.5) bananas

0.5tsp cinnamon

2tsp sugar (dark demerara or muscovado)

Oil (I used coconut oil spray)

Single cream or ice-cream to serve


Heat up the frying pan. Chop up the banana(s). Mix cinnamon and sugar in a bowl. Oil the pan lightly and add the bananas. Let them fry about a minute, then add the cinnamon/sugar mix. Toss/stir it all around and fry the mix for 2 minutes, stirring occasionally, to make sure it’s not sticking to the pan as it’ll all be very sugary and prone to sticking. When it looks ready to your taste, remove the pan from heat and scoop the pudding into a serving bowl. Serve with cream or ice-cream. Enjoy! 🙂


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Book your table now

“We know it’s early, but we’re so excited we couldn’t wait any longer.” It’s here everyone! The first Xmas email this year inviting me to take a look at their festive menu and encouraging me to book a table now.

So it’s official. The Xmas season is upon us again. In the beginning of.. September. Right. Time to start thinking about presents, baked goodies (I seem to write a lot about baked goodies), decorations and everything else. Oh, and yes, I love it. Can’t help it. I adore everything to do with Xmas. Must be one of those nutters. But this year or from now on I’d like to mostly refer to it as Yule. “Origin and Etymology of yule – Middle English yol, from Old English geōl;akin to Old Norse jōl, a pagan midwinter festival”. It’s quite interesting to read about this. Doesn’t mean I’ll be making any less gingerbreads though.

Sorry, I had to stop writing for a while as I needed to pin more festive holiday yule things on Pinterest.

Anyway, where was I? Right, to shake things up a little (there’s a pun there, you’ll see in a sec) and not make this whole post about a very short holiday literally months from now, I’m happy to announce that I’ve discovered the world of meal replacement shakes (there it is! … sorry). Yes, indeed. I may be a bit late to the party but that doesn’t mean I’m enjoying it any less. As this is not an ad I’m not going to mention any names but the ones we’ve been having are really nice. They actually fill me up and deary me are they convenient. A lazy person’s dream. Let me correct that – a lazy person’s who’s on a diet type of thing, dream. If you find that you’re often short on time or just can’t be bothered making yourself a dinner to take to work or are tired after a long day and just don’t feel like cooking, this may the miracle you’ve been looking for. That sounded like a really bad TV advert from the 90s. How am I supposed to praise something without it sounding like that? I’ll work on it.

My dinner break is almost over and I’m almost done with my shake. Until next time, then.


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Enter theme music here

That’s the thing about not having a theme. I have no idea what to write about. Especially when I’m half asleep. Although I always get the best ideas juuust before I’m about to actually fall asleep.

Puppies. Kittens. Pandas. Giraffes. Cakes. Fruit. Llamashoe. Trees. Snow. Baking. Family. Liquorice. Cinnamon. Adventures. Fireworks. Rain. Autumn. Pumpkins. Elves.

It’s definitely getting very autumny. Can’t wait to have all the hot drinks, wear all the thick socks, wrap up in all the throws, watch all the TV series, read all the books, craft all the everything, bake all the delicious goodies. I honestly love all the seasons the same. There’s something amazing about every single one of them. But now let’s make way for autumn, winter and all of the above.

I’ll be writing again soon and more often now. For now however…