My life

Enter theme music here

That’s the thing about not having a theme. I have no idea what to write about. Especially when I’m half asleep. Although I always get the best ideas juuust before I’m about to actually fall asleep.

Puppies. Kittens. Pandas. Giraffes. Cakes. Fruit. Llamashoe. Trees. Snow. Baking. Family. Liquorice. Cinnamon. Adventures. Fireworks. Rain. Autumn. Pumpkins. Elves.

It’s definitely getting very autumny. Can’t wait to have all the hot drinks, wear all the thick socks, wrap up in all the throws, watch all the TV series, read all the books, craft all the everything, bake all the delicious goodies. I honestly love all the seasons the same. There’s something amazing about every single one of them. But now let’s make way for autumn, winter and all of the above.

I’ll be writing again soon and more often now. For now however…



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