My life

Fair trade?

So I’ve decided to start working out again. For the umpteenth time. Today was my third workout. I can do push ups again. However I’m now so dead and my limbs not functioning that I can’t open my water bottle. Is that a fair trade? I mean, I finally managed to uncap it by holding the cap in my mouth and twisting the bottle around. So all’s good. I found a way around my issue. What of the other side of the bargain though – my newly (re)discovered ability to push ups (again)? When will this become handy? — I just spent some time thinking about it and concluded it’ll be a really good skill to have in a push up competition. And when lifting heavy things. Like that gigantic tub of ice cream I’m dreaming of right now. Would need some muscle power to lift that. I mean I’m talking about a GIGANTIC one. Like the peach that James had. But ice-cream, not a peach. Although I’d take a giant peach as well if someone was offering.

Right, that was a bit of a nonsense ramble there. Moving on. I’m crocheting a jumper now. Yup, you heard right. A jumper. I’ve finished with the bottom edge of it and am now doing, or at least trying to do, the main part but I keep making mistakes and only realising it later on so there’s been a lot of taking it all apart and going back again. I want to do this right however so I don’t mind. Erhm, not too much anyway. I was a little bit heartbroken when I was about a fifth of the way there and realised that what I was making would maybe fit a panda but definitely not me. It had somehow all gone literally sideways. Don’t even ask, I don’t know what happened. After asking Mr to take it apart for me (I just couldn’t do it myself) and starting again it’s looking good so far though so fingers crossed.

Right, have to go stretch a little more now or there’ll be no going down the stairs or even leaving the bed tomorrow.


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