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I’m a student again!

I can barely hold back my excitement – as of next week I’m a student again. I’ve finally fulfilled my dream of taking my interest in interior design one step further and will be starting on my diploma.

I have two types of thoughts going through my head right now. Firstly – why did I just take on more responsibilities, especially as I’ve never enjoyed school (except for when I spent all my free time between and after classes in the library)? Secondly – I’m so excited to learn more about interior design and I’m investing in myself (and our house at least, if all else fails). Mostly it’s the second one though. Especially now that I’ve got access to my course contents and I know what I’m going to be learning and doing for the next year.

As for crocheting, my jumper is coming along nicely. I still haven’t taken a picture of the top I made, but I promise I’ll do it soon. Here are some pictures of my jumper progress though. They’re a bit potato quality but meh. And yes, Mischief has been a great help.


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