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Unboxing #1 & #2

Be warned, this post is mostly about makeup products, so if that’s not what you’re into, I’ll see you at my next post.

So my other half recently discovered subscription boxes and subscribed to Lootcrate which turned out to be completely awesome. For those of you who are new to subscription boxes – it means that every month (or at different frequency, depending on the box) you get a parcel with mystery contents in it. There’s usually a theme. Like with Lootcrate it’s all really cool ‘geeky’ things. Think comics, films, games etc.

Now, as much as I love all that, at the end of the day I’m a girl and I also like girly things. So I decided to subscribe to a beauty box. I chose Birchbox to begin with and I was really excited when it finally arrived! In fact I was so excited I decided to subscribe to Glossybox as well, just to try it out (actually this one was a gift from the Mr). My Glossybox is yet to arrive, but I’ve got my Birchbox. When it got here I naturally told everyone I know how awesome it is and what cool items it’s got and my sister suggested why not do an unboxing feature on my blog. As I’d already opened everything by then it’s not going to be quite as interesting as you’d hope, but I did have the foresight to take a picture of all of its contents before digging in.

My first box was actually two boxes as they had a special promotion going when I subscribed. Now, one great thing about Birchbox is that the boxes are actually like little pull out drawers. This way once you have a few boxes you can stack them up (I’ll probably just use glue on mine) and it’s a cute little chest of drawers you can put your makeup and other things in.

I’m not sure if I should review all of these, but I’ll tell you my favourites so far. I absolutely love the Bioderma makeup remover, it gets rid of all my wedding makeup practice runs so easily. I also like the Whish almond body butter, it leaves my skin really soft and smelling lovely, but I think the smell may be a bit strong for some people so I’m lucky I like it. My third favourite item from this lot is the Parlor by Jeff Chastain volumising and lifting hair spray. It actually does work and it’s left my hair feeling and looking clean and bouncy even on day 2 which is quite rare these days (yay at second puberty!).

Next time I’ll try to rein in my excitement for a while and get pictures of the unboxing itself. Also, I’m not sure why these pictures seem to be bad quality as well, as they were fine before I uploaded them here, not like my crocheting ones which were dodgy to begin with.


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