Unboxing #5

Time to unbox the October Glossybox! I realise it’s been a while since it arrived (a couple of weeks or so, I’ll try to take note of the date when I get my next one), but I’ve been on a holiday and I wanted to give everything a proper try before letting you know what I think of the contents of this box. I must say I’m very excited to be writing about it as it was amazing.

I’m very glad they come in these cute dotted protective outer boxes as mine was a bit dented when it arrived.


All good on the inside though. Very sleek looking pink box. Although I must say I think I actually prefer the colour of their last box which was red. Maybe that’s just me feeling all festive already though.


Upon opening the box I was greeted by this very mysterious message ‘Coming this November’. After investigating further I saw that they’d added a mystery product in there this month, promising to reveal the brand later in the month (which they did).


I can’t get over of how much I love their packaging. It’s tied up with a ribbon! It may be a simple addition but makes it feel really special and personal.


Tadaah! This time there were six products, four of them full-sized. Out of the two sample-sized items, one was the mystery product. Very Affordable Yet Effective Primer, So Pink And Versatile Cheek And Lip Duo, The Mystery Shampoo I Guessed Straight Away, Amazingly Shiny Oil, Not Decided About The Tone Of This Lipstick, The Best Face Exfoliator.


I’ll go into a bit more detail about these fabulous products then. I have to say I was surprised to see a Primark item in there, but it was a pleasant surprise. PS…PRO Mattifying Primer RRP £5 Primark stores. At that price it’s very affordable and really does the job it’s meant to do. It glides on so smoothly, keeps my makeup in place and feels very nice on my skin. I’ll be buying this again.

Universal Beauty Cosmetics Secret Flush, Soothing Cream Blusher & Lip Stain Duo RRP £15 ubcosmetics.com. I’m so impressed with this. I really, really am. Firstly I have to mention the smell – it’s absolutely divine. I never knew makeup could smell so lovely and fresh. Secondly the consistency – it’s so creamy and blends really well, leaving me with a natural looking blush. Thirdly I love the colour of it, it’s not too pink, red or glittery, it’s got every component down to perfection. I absolutely recommend it.

Let’s talk about the mystery shampoo sample next. I love the idea of having an unknown product in there, especially if it’s something I may have some prejudice about for whatever reason. This time however I wasn’t too over the moon with it. I recognised it straight away as Head and Shoulders and even though I’ve had some good experiences with it in the past, it’s a bit too strong for my damaged hair now. It left my hair quite rough and frizzy so I think I’ll wait a while before trying it again.

The other sample-sized product was the Nuxe Shimmering Dry Oil Huile Prodigieuse RRP £34 nuxe.co.uk. I loved the gentle shimmer it left on my skin and it was very easy to apply, if a bit awkward to get out of the tiny bottle. I wasn’t too keen on the smell of it though. It smelled a bit too old for me. Is that a way to describe a smell? Well, it should be. It didn’t put me off it however, I’ll still happily use it. Overall if you were considering buying this, I’d recommend you smell it first and see if it’d bother you or not.

Trifle Cosmetics Lip Parfait – Buttery Lip Cream RRP £12.95 triflecosmetics.com. Now, I’m not too sure about this product. I quite liked the texture of it, it was very soft on my lips. However the colour of it felt just way too light for me. Maybe it’s because as it was so soft and moisturising I felt I wanted to put more than one or two layers of it on and it really doesn’t suit my skin tone when it’s on thick. Still undecided about this one.

Last but not least Bee Good Honey and Camelina Facial Exfoliator RRP £10.50 beegood.co.uk. Another new favourite here. My skin has been a bit funny with me lately, especially about exfoliators so I was a bit apprehensive when first trying it. I needn’t have worried though. It was the nicest exfoliator I’ve used in a while. It wasn’t too rough on my face, the exfoliating bits were nice and small but I could feel them gently scrubbing away, leaving my face so silky soft. It’s also environmentally friendly so more plus points for that! Overall I’d definitely recommend it if you’re looking for a gentle but effective exfoliator.


Thank you for being amazing Glossybox! Can’t wait to get my November box already.





Unboxing #4

Time to unbox some more goodies! Oh, what exciting times we live in. It’s like it’s my birthday twice a month. This time it’s the October Birchbox. Yes, I did receive it quite some time ago, but I decided to wait with posting about it until I’d had a chance to properly try everything (or at least most of the items) from it. I wanted to do it that way since with my previous boxes I actually changed my opinion about quite a few products after using them regularly.

So, let’s begin. Once again, it arrived in a nice protective box, leaving me in no doubt what the parcel was.


Once I’d opened the outer box, boy was I in for a treat. Inside was this absolutely gorgeous starry green box in their typical drawer style. October was a special horoscope month for Birchbox and as my element is earth, that’s the box I got. They also had air, fire and water versions. I was so pleased with the design of this and it’s definitely going to be the top box of the little chest of drawers I’ll be building from these. Also, something that I didn’t realise until later on – the stars on it glow in the dark. I literally skipped around in my bedroom when I discovered this, I was so happy.


When I opened the little drawer, everything was neatly packaged and fit in there with no spillages or leaks which is always great. In total there were six items of which two were full-sized. My First Ever Lip Crayon, Quite Powdery Volume Spray, Really Expensive Canned Water, The Most Amazing Smelling Mud, Shiny Oil and My First Ever Eyebrow Brush.


Again, some amazing finds in there. The full-sized Lord & Berry Maxi Matte Crayon Lipstick in Intimacy with RRP £12 is absolutely gorgeous. It’s the first crayon lipstick I’ve had and I have to say I’m sold. It glides on, the matte finish is gorgeous and it stays on really well. I also love the colour they sent me, it’s very autumnal. I’d definitely recommend it and once I run out I’d consider buying another one.

Batiste Oomph My Locks XXL Volume Spray RRP £4.29 for a full-sized product. I got a sample size of this, but it feels like it could last me quite a while. It’s not to be confused with Batiste dry shampoo as they do different things. This is meant for volume boosting and that it does. It is however quite powdery, so I have to be careful to make sure it’s really blended in or it looks like I’ve got flour in my hair. I’m not sure I’d buy this again, we’ll see.

Doux Me Pure Spring Mist RRP £16 for a full bottle. Again they sent me a sample size of this and I don’t think it’ll last me long as I love spraying this on my face when I feel like I need a little refreshment. I do absolutely adore it, but I can say I’d never buy it myself. It’s essentially canned water. For £16. So, no. It has gotten me intrigued about the whole face mist franchise though and come summer next year I’ll probably be looking into this a bit more.


Rituals Hammam Body Mud RRP £14. The size I got looks pretty decent actually, so the full-sized one could be quite decently priced. I haven’t actually tried this yet, but it smells so good, I can’t wait to try it when I get home!

Number 4 Fluoro5 Elixer Restore & Repair Oil RRP £18. It’s a tiny sample bottle, but since you don’t need much, it’ll probably last me quite a while again. It’s a decent product, does what it promises on the bottle. However it didn’t leave me with a lasting impression like some of the other products here did and I still prefer my current hair oil. I’ll give it another go when I get back from my holiday and see what I think then.

Birchbox Eyebrow Brush RRP £1.99. This was the second full-sized item that I got from this box. It’s the first eyebrow brush I’ve had and I think it’s quite good. I don’t know, can an eyebrow brush be bad somehow?


Overall another little box that I’m really happy with and can’t wait for the next one already. Mischief seemed to like it as well. It looks as if he’s reading what it says on the box there.





My life

Change is in the air

My holiday is soon over and it’ll be time to go back home. I’ve got a lot planned for then, starting with getting things done. Oh my, I feel like I keep droning on about it, but seriously. It has to be done. Let’s continue with a little recap.

I’ve discovered Zoella for myself. It started off when I picked up a magazine at the airport and there happened to be quite a lengthy interview with her. I loved the interview so I decided to take a closer look. Now, after a few Youtube videos later, I’m sold. She reminds me of myself, her videos are interesting and I can’t wait to try out her suggestions for autumn shopping! So excited.

I’m also considering a completely new career path yet again. Life’s too short not to try out new things, embark upon new journeys and so on. I don’t want to go into much detail just yet, but we’ll see what the (near) future holds. Also, if you have any suggestions, please go ahead, I’m open to ideas. Just so you know, I’m already considering running for PM, becoming an astronaut, writing a bestseller and designing bespoke mugs.

Also, I’ve still been doing (a little bit) of Insanity whilst on holiday. Very proud of that. Very proud indeed. I feel like it’s making me feel quite a bit better about myself and the amounts of food I’ve been consuming here.

Almost done with the programming course as well. Just one more lot to go. I’ll try to finish it tomorrow. If you’re not sure what I’m on about – it’s a programming course, teaching the basics of Python, by Tartu University. I’ve learned a lot and am considering pursuing this a bit further actually. Quite interesting what you can do with just some funny commands. Like drawing turtles. Yes, that’s my finest achievement to date when it comes to programming. Drawing a turtle.

About to start the second unit of my interior design course as well. Just waiting to get the results back from my first one. I hope I did ok. Can’t remember when was the last time I had to write so many reports and research and all that. I’m learning a lot and it’s all so very exciting. Can’t wait to continue with the next chapter!

I think that’s about it for now. Oh, one last thing – my sister L showed me how to use Tumblr. A whole new world to discover.


My life


I’m not even sorry. Snow deserves all the upper case letters and exclamation marks. This morning I woke up to several messages from my family and friends in Estonia, all saying the same thing ‘It’s snowing!’ and sure enough, I leapt out of bed, pulled the curtains open and there it was. My Yule wish come true. Heaps of snow in October, just when I’m in Estonia.

Without further ado I put my snow outfit on (wrap up warm), my little miss T did the same and out we went to build a snowman. It turned out rather magnificent, if I do say so myself. The middle bit was almost as big as the base and way too heavy to be lifted so we built a snow ramp to get it up there. So much fun and joy.

It’s still snowing at the moment and doesn’t look like it’s going to stop any time soon. I’ll go make myself a cup of mulled wine, light the candles, wrap up in a nice cosy throw and enjoy this day of wintry happiness to the fullest.


My life

Once upon a journey

Here I am. Airport again. Surviving the night on short naps. I was actually quite lucky. Upon my arrival I bumped into this really nice staff member who showed me to a quiet room, out of the way of general traffic with reasonably comfortable chairs, sockets for charging these pesky electronic gadgets and security cameras for my safety. A lot more comfortable than slumping over my suitcase, trying to stick as close to walls as possible so people wouldn’t step on me. I even managed a few proper naps.

Here’s hoping they won’t think my suitcase + bag combo are too large for their standards. It took some brute force to close them, as they’re bursting with goodies.

I also hope I’ll make it to the first bus after my flight.

My brain isn’t functioning toooooo well at the moment. So I’m going to keep it short. In fact, I’m done now. Oh, just one more thing – how awesome would it be if I could repeat what I once achieved – I fell asleep before we’d taken off and woke up as the wheels touched the ground. Best flight ever.


My life


I had a couple of specific posts in mind that I wanted to write, but I didn’t feel like writing about them last week and it didn’t occur to me to write about something else either. Thus the d’oh. I’m not sure why I didn’t think to just pen something else down. Feels so silly when I think about it now.

Maybe because I’ve been a bit busy. Or at least trying to be busy. I have so much that needs doing at the moment but I don’t seem to get much done. Except for my course work. I’ve managed quite alright with that actually. Surprisingly well even. Mostly thanks to my SO (Significant Otter) who’s been helping me so much. I’ve managed two reports and have almost finished my presentation board so just one more report to go and I’m done with the first unit. Very excited and nervous as well. Will see if my tutor will deem my work worthy.

Oh, I found a wedding dress that gave me the ‘feeling’. Unfortunately it’s only one that I can pretty much just dream of, but hopefully I’ll find either something similar that I could afford or find another solution. So, how much do kidneys go for anyway these days? Hah, just kidding. At the end of the day it’s about having the people that I love and care about there to celebrate the first day of the rest of our lives together for me and my SO. But it’s still exciting to hunt for an awesome dress as it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity and I’m not about to waste mine. I’m intending to enjoy it to the fullest.



I made this!

Ok, some time I ago I was so happy and proud about having finished crocheting a top and I promised to take some pictures of it but somehow never got round to it. Well, I got round to it today. I also took some pictures of the jumper that I finished just a couple of days ago. I can’t believe I’ve actually done this. Completed not one but two crafts projects in a row.

So, that’s the top I made. I used black, slightly shimmery wool, but for the life of me I can’t actually remember how much of it was needed. As for the pattern I merged two patterns that I found on Pinterest and then added some of my own ideas such as the halterneck part and how it goes in the back as well, but you can’t see that on these pictures and I couldn’t figure out a way to show it either so you’ll just have to check it out when I’m wearing it. If you like it and would want any more details, just let me know. I almost forgot – the ribbon I added was part of a crafts box present from my friend V in Ireland, so I just wanted to thank her for being such an inspiration (she also crochets and she’s absolutely amazing!).


This here is my latest project and one that I’m also super proud of. I’d have never ever thought I’d make myself a jumper. Like, not in a million years. True, I kind of cheated a little, as you can see it’s quite airy. But it’s a jumper nevertheless. I used the same wool as for the top, but in white. It’s still slightly shimmery, but you can’t really see it much. I used 3 whole rolls on wool for it. Like, exactly 3. I was left with maybe 4 inches of it in the end. Don’t think I’ll ever manage anything like that again. As for the pattern, again I got it from Pinterest and found some useful guiding pictures for it as well so overall it wasn’t too difficult to follow even for a beginner like me.


Now I just have to think of what to do next. All suggestions are welcome. Although soon I’ll need to start on Yule presents. At least the ones I’m going to make myself. So also, if you’d like a hand made item for Yule this year, please let me know now-ish so I have plenty of time to do it five times over to get it right.