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(That was the sound of tape rewinding. Oh no, now I’m thinking of all the kids who’ll never know that sound.) Good evening everybody, it’s blog o’clock and here’s the latest. I went wedding dress shopping! I actually tried them on and everything. I have to say, it was rather magical.

I went with my future mother-in-law and the morning started rather eventfully (or not) with Google maps telling us there are up to 2 hour delays on our route to the shop we had meant to visit. After some more careful consideration and planning (well, the traffic clearing a little and the map finding us an alternative route), we set off. Not much happened on the way. It was quite scenic and we saw some nice looking places, but I just couldn’t get my mind off our destination. I was finally going to actually enter a bridal shop.

When we got there we were greeted by a lovely girl who made me feel quite at ease and made the whole experience so nice. We didn’t have an appointment but we were very lucky as during the 3 hours we spent there, no other customers came in and I had the assistant all to myself. She said they’d been super busy lately as well so it was a bit of a miracle. Anyway, to begin with she gave me three tags and asked me to start picking out dresses that I’d like to try on. Apparently three is a good starting point, even though she said that I can actually try on as many as I’d like. As they were all in bags it was quite difficult to make out what they’d look like once they’re out so it was very much of a lucky dip.

Once I’d picked out the three I wanted to try on first she guided me to a dressing room and then I climbed into my first ever wedding dress. It was rather magical, I have to say. So much better than I’d ever dreamed of. She laced me up and then said she was going to pull me in and that she did. I couldn’t breathe for the next 3 hours but who cares, the gowns gave me an amazing figure and seven out of the eight that I tried fit me absolutely perfectly and I felt like a princess. The corsets built into these dresses did a brilliant job (as did the tiny assistant who managed to lace me up like that).

I think I must’ve spend ages standing in front of the mirrors there and just staring, quite disbelievingly. I’d gone there thinking I’d be lucky to find even one dress that’d suit me, but to find seven – it was beyond my wildest dreams. It made actually choosing one so much harder. I don’t know how I’ll ever pick just one. Going to be very tough. And hey, if I manage to narrow it down to two for example, there’s always renewing vows in the future.

I must remember to leave the assistant who helped me in and out of all these dresses (some of them took quite a bit of wiggling), a good review.


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