I made this!

Ok, some time I ago I was so happy and proud about having finished crocheting a top and I promised to take some pictures of it but somehow never got round to it. Well, I got round to it today. I also took some pictures of the jumper that I finished just a couple of days ago. I can’t believe I’ve actually done this. Completed not one but two crafts projects in a row.

So, that’s the top I made. I used black, slightly shimmery wool, but for the life of me I can’t actually remember how much of it was needed. As for the pattern I merged two patterns that I found on Pinterest and then added some of my own ideas such as the halterneck part and how it goes in the back as well, but you can’t see that on these pictures and I couldn’t figure out a way to show it either so you’ll just have to check it out when I’m wearing it. If you like it and would want any more details, just let me know. I almost forgot – the ribbon I added was part of a crafts box present from my friend V in Ireland, so I just wanted to thank her for being such an inspiration (she also crochets and she’s absolutely amazing!).


This here is my latest project and one that I’m also super proud of. I’d have never ever thought I’d make myself a jumper. Like, not in a million years. True, I kind of cheated a little, as you can see it’s quite airy. But it’s a jumper nevertheless. I used the same wool as for the top, but in white. It’s still slightly shimmery, but you can’t really see it much. I used 3 whole rolls on wool for it. Like, exactly 3. I was left with maybe 4 inches of it in the end. Don’t think I’ll ever manage anything like that again. As for the pattern, again I got it from Pinterest and found some useful guiding pictures for it as well so overall it wasn’t too difficult to follow even for a beginner like me.


Now I just have to think of what to do next. All suggestions are welcome. Although soon I’ll need to start on Yule presents. At least the ones I’m going to make myself. So also, if you’d like a hand made item for Yule this year, please let me know now-ish so I have plenty of time to do it five times over to get it right.


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