My life

Once upon a journey

Here I am. Airport again. Surviving the night on short naps. I was actually quite lucky. Upon my arrival I bumped into this really nice staff member who showed me to a quiet room, out of the way of general traffic with reasonably comfortable chairs, sockets for charging these pesky electronic gadgets and security cameras for my safety. A lot more comfortable than slumping over my suitcase, trying to stick as close to walls as possible so people wouldn’t step on me. I even managed a few proper naps.

Here’s hoping they won’t think my suitcase + bag combo are too large for their standards. It took some brute force to close them, as they’re bursting with goodies.

I also hope I’ll make it to the first bus after my flight.

My brain isn’t functioning toooooo well at the moment. So I’m going to keep it short. In fact, I’m done now. Oh, just one more thing – how awesome would it be if I could repeat what I once achieved – I fell asleep before we’d taken off and woke up as the wheels touched the ground. Best flight ever.


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