My life


I’m not even sorry. Snow deserves all the upper case letters and exclamation marks. This morning I woke up to several messages from my family and friends in Estonia, all saying the same thing ‘It’s snowing!’ and sure enough, I leapt out of bed, pulled the curtains open and there it was. My Yule wish come true. Heaps of snow in October, just when I’m in Estonia.

Without further ado I put my snow outfit on (wrap up warm), my little miss T did the same and out we went to build a snowman. It turned out rather magnificent, if I do say so myself. The middle bit was almost as big as the base and way too heavy to be lifted so we built a snow ramp to get it up there. So much fun and joy.

It’s still snowing at the moment and doesn’t look like it’s going to stop any time soon. I’ll go make myself a cup of mulled wine, light the candles, wrap up in a nice cosy throw and enjoy this day of wintry happiness to the fullest.


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