My life

Change is in the air

My holiday is soon over and it’ll be time to go back home. I’ve got a lot planned for then, starting with getting things done. Oh my, I feel like I keep droning on about it, but seriously. It has to be done. Let’s continue with a little recap.

I’ve discovered Zoella for myself. It started off when I picked up a magazine at the airport and there happened to be quite a lengthy interview with her. I loved the interview so I decided to take a closer look. Now, after a few Youtube videos later, I’m sold. She reminds me of myself, her videos are interesting and I can’t wait to try out her suggestions for autumn shopping! So excited.

I’m also considering a completely new career path yet again. Life’s too short not to try out new things, embark upon new journeys and so on. I don’t want to go into much detail just yet, but we’ll see what the (near) future holds. Also, if you have any suggestions, please go ahead, I’m open to ideas. Just so you know, I’m already considering running for PM, becoming an astronaut, writing a bestseller and designing bespoke mugs.

Also, I’ve still been doing (a little bit) of Insanity whilst on holiday. Very proud of that. Very proud indeed. I feel like it’s making me feel quite a bit better about myself and the amounts of food I’ve been consuming here.

Almost done with the programming course as well. Just one more lot to go. I’ll try to finish it tomorrow. If you’re not sure what I’m on about – it’s a programming course, teaching the basics of Python, by Tartu University. I’ve learned a lot and am considering pursuing this a bit further actually. Quite interesting what you can do with just some funny commands. Like drawing turtles. Yes, that’s my finest achievement to date when it comes to programming. Drawing a turtle.

About to start the second unit of my interior design course as well. Just waiting to get the results back from my first one. I hope I did ok. Can’t remember when was the last time I had to write so many reports and research and all that. I’m learning a lot and it’s all so very exciting. Can’t wait to continue with the next chapter!

I think that’s about it for now. Oh, one last thing – my sister L showed me how to use Tumblr. A whole new world to discover.


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