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Unboxing #4

Time to unbox some more goodies! Oh, what exciting times we live in. It’s like it’s my birthday twice a month. This time it’s the October Birchbox. Yes, I did receive it quite some time ago, but I decided to wait with posting about it until I’d had a chance to properly try everything (or at least most of the items) from it. I wanted to do it that way since with my previous boxes I actually changed my opinion about quite a few products after using them regularly.

So, let’s begin. Once again, it arrived in a nice protective box, leaving me in no doubt what the parcel was.


Once I’d opened the outer box, boy was I in for a treat. Inside was this absolutely gorgeous starry green box in their typical drawer style. October was a special horoscope month for Birchbox and as my element is earth, that’s the box I got. They also had air, fire and water versions. I was so pleased with the design of this and it’s definitely going to be the top box of the little chest of drawers I’ll be building from these. Also, something that I didn’t realise until later on – the stars on it glow in the dark. I literally skipped around in my bedroom when I discovered this, I was so happy.


When I opened the little drawer, everything was neatly packaged and fit in there with no spillages or leaks which is always great. In total there were six items of which two were full-sized. My First Ever Lip Crayon, Quite Powdery Volume Spray, Really Expensive Canned Water, The Most Amazing Smelling Mud, Shiny Oil and My First Ever Eyebrow Brush.


Again, some amazing finds in there. The full-sized Lord & Berry Maxi Matte Crayon Lipstick in Intimacy with RRP £12 is absolutely gorgeous. It’s the first crayon lipstick I’ve had and I have to say I’m sold. It glides on, the matte finish is gorgeous and it stays on really well. I also love the colour they sent me, it’s very autumnal. I’d definitely recommend it and once I run out I’d consider buying another one.

Batiste Oomph My Locks XXL Volume Spray RRP £4.29 for a full-sized product. I got a sample size of this, but it feels like it could last me quite a while. It’s not to be confused with Batiste dry shampoo as they do different things. This is meant for volume boosting and that it does. It is however quite powdery, so I have to be careful to make sure it’s really blended in or it looks like I’ve got flour in my hair. I’m not sure I’d buy this again, we’ll see.

Doux Me Pure Spring Mist RRP £16 for a full bottle. Again they sent me a sample size of this and I don’t think it’ll last me long as I love spraying this on my face when I feel like I need a little refreshment. I do absolutely adore it, but I can say I’d never buy it myself. It’s essentially canned water. For £16. So, no. It has gotten me intrigued about the whole face mist franchise though and come summer next year I’ll probably be looking into this a bit more.


Rituals Hammam Body Mud RRP £14. The size I got looks pretty decent actually, so the full-sized one could be quite decently priced. I haven’t actually tried this yet, but it smells so good, I can’t wait to try it when I get home!

Number 4 Fluoro5 Elixer Restore & Repair Oil RRP £18. It’s a tiny sample bottle, but since you don’t need much, it’ll probably last me quite a while again. It’s a decent product, does what it promises on the bottle. However it didn’t leave me with a lasting impression like some of the other products here did and I still prefer my current hair oil. I’ll give it another go when I get back from my holiday and see what I think then.

Birchbox Eyebrow Brush RRP £1.99. This was the second full-sized item that I got from this box. It’s the first eyebrow brush I’ve had and I think it’s quite good. I don’t know, can an eyebrow brush be bad somehow?


Overall another little box that I’m really happy with and can’t wait for the next one already. Mischief seemed to like it as well. It looks as if he’s reading what it says on the box there.





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