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Purchases and future

I’m actually going to start this the other way round. The future. It’s almost December, which means it’s almost a year since I started this blog. I’m not going to do a full recap of the year just yet, I have however been thinking about the future of it. I feel like writing about what I do and want to do, has actually helped me get a lot done. I’ve completed my crafts challenge, I’m close to completing my baking challenge and am on target with my reading challenge. I’ve also had the courage to make quite a few significant changes and I think part of it has come from this blog. Knowing that I can choose to do something that I used to do and love (writing), and actually stick with it and not give up after a few goes, is amazing. It’s like a whole new me. I’m quite excited to look back to my year through my posts and see what’s happened.

Enough about that though. So, I have to admit I may have gone shopping a little bit. Just a tiny bit. I may have bought some small items. And a wedding dress. I think I mentioned in my previous post that we were going to Xmas markets. I didn’t actually buy anything from there, but we did go to some other shops whilst in town. So I bought a yoga mat from Sports Direct, three scented candles from B&M and some makeup products from Primark. Since I received a Primark makeup range product in one of my monthly beauty boxes, I’ve been quite excited to try out some of their other products.


The candles are Pumpkin Pit Stop by Glade (top left), Spiced Apple by Febreze (top right) and Vanilla Latte by Febreze (bottom). I know I lit them all for the picture but I really only have the pumpkin one burning at the moment. And it’s amazing. Oh my goodness. It smells gorgeously pumpkiny and spicy and I just want to eat it.

The makeup items I bought were a PS… Brow Emergency Kit (£2), a PS… Velvet Matte Lipstick Crayon in Shameless (£2) and a PS… Super Matte Liquid Lipstick in 08 Kiki (£2). I’ve tested them all and so far and I’m reasonably impressed. You definitely get more than what you pay for. With the brow kit I found the pencil really soft, so it goes on very harsh and I had to try to get rid of some, so I wouldn’t look like I’ve drawn my eyebrows on with a sharpie. May just be that I’ve not used a soft pencil like that before. The brow brush and clear gel are great though, taming my caterpillars quite well. The liquid lipstick is easy to apply and dries quickly, leaving a deep matte colour without smudging. However I did find it didn’t last long before it started to crumble off, so I wouldn’t buy it again. The lip crayon is again easy to apply and stays put quite well. I may purchase this again in a different colour. I was quite adventurous with my colours there actually as I’ve never had a lipstick quite so dark and now I have two! It feels quite wintery though, so I hope I’ll manage to somehow use them up within the next few months.

Now, you may have noticed I mentioned a wedding dress. Well, it’s now my wedding dress. I bought the dress, I bought the dress! I didn’t think Black Friday would affect bridal shops, but apparently even they’re not immune to trying to sell more with good deals. Having spotted that a shop that I wanted to visit anyway was having a 20% off everything off the peg offer, I couldn’t miss the opportunity. I knew their price range already so I was confident I’d be getting a good deal. Well, I got so much more than that. I had a great experience trying on dresses and when I found The Dress I actually cried. None of the other dresses have made me cry yet. I also couldn’t keep the smile off my face on the journey home. That’s how I know I made the right choice. As my husband-to-be reads this blog I’m not going to post any pictures or describe it. But I can say that it made me feel like an elven princess. /happy sigh

As it’s been an eventful day I’m going to call it early and get to bed now. Night-night!


My life

Just a day

My life really isn’t interesting at all. Today I slept in and then felt like there wasn’t much point in doing anything with the rest of my day as I’ve wasted the morning. Some logic, eh? OK, I did do some things. Tidied the house and did yoga for the first time. I also reached the conclusion that there are as many new beginnings as there are days. Just because you veered off course a little one day, doesn’t mean you should give up. Not at all. Just keep swimming.

That’s going to be my advice of the day to myself. Just keep swimming. I like swimming. Just gliding in water like a little fish. I’m so pulling a fish face right now just thinking about it. You should try it. Suck your cheeks and lips in until you look like a fish. It’s a great way to take yourself less seriously. Which is important in order to not overthink everything. Which in order is important to survive without imploding. Anyone else? Or is it just me?

Tomorrow I’ll have another first. Should I do a post about firsts? I think I’ve stumbled upon something there. In any case, tomorrow will be my first time playing – drum roll, please – Dungeons and Dragons. I received the background story for the character I created and I must say, I’m extremely excited.

Oh, tomorrow I’m also making gingerbread dough. It needs to sit in the refrigerator (who ever types or even says the whole thing, and not just fridge?) overnight, so I’ll be baking on Sunday. We’re also going to visit the Xmas markets on Sunday. Our friend G has never been, so we’re all very excited. Hey, that’s another first. Not mine, but still.

I’m sure there’s more, but I want to get back to Pretty Little Liars now. I started watching it yesterday and am up to episode 6 of season 1 now. So far I like it. Will see if I’ll love it soon.



Unboxing #7

Glossybox woohoo! I actually have another unboxing post planned in November, after this one. What is it? Have I subscribed to another surprise box? Well, you’ll see. Anyway, back to Glossybox now. It arrived on the 9th of November, which I though was great, as it was only dispatched on the 7th. Nice and quick. After I was somewhat disappointed with another monthly beautybox that had arrived a couple of days earlier, I almost didn’t dare to get my hopes up anymore – what if I was let down again? I needn’t have worried though. Glossybox absolutely rose to the occasion and restored my faith in monthly presents.

By now, if you’ve read my other unboxing posts, you’ll know what their outer box looks like, so I didn’t take any pictures of that, thinking I’d rather just get right to it.

This month’s box included a Super Indulgent And Luxurious Face Mask, Lush Lashes, Glides On Effortlessly Eye Pencil, Actually Works Pillow Spray, A Nice Blending Brush and as an extra surprise, they’d also guessed my favourite sweets, and included an Oh So Yummy Raffaello. In this box I got four full-sized and only one sample-sized item.


111skin, Gold Brightening Facial Treatment Mask, RRP £20. The indulgence I felt when I used this mask was just incredible. It felt extremely moisturising when it was on my face and it was actually all speckled with crushed gold. I had it on for the recommended 20 minutes and it did leave my skin so soft and hydrated. I absolutely fell in love with it. If you have £20 to spend on a single use face mask, then I’d absolutely recommend it. Be aware it’s a limited edition mask, so grab ’em whilst you can. (

This works, deep sleep pillow spray, RRP £16 for a full-sized item. That’s the only thing I got just a sample of and it’s also what I used up first. Both me and my Mr found that we did actually get a better night’s sleep when using it. The spray is a blend of lavender, vertivert and chamomile, and you spray it on your pillow before sleep. Loved it! (

De Bruyere Beaute, Jumbo Eye Pencil in Bubble 07, RRP €15.  It’s a khaki-grey eye pencil that glides on like a dream. It did settle in my eyelid crease a little bit after a while, but so do all the other eye products, so I think it may just be my eyes being weird. It was highly pigmented like it promised on paper and again – I loved it and would recommend it. (

Kiss, Looks So Natural Lashes, RRP £4.95. I can’t believe how affordable these magnificent beauties are. Absolutely amazing. They were relatively ok to apply and I always struggle with applying lashes. The result was absolutely worth it though. I’m not going to lie and say they looked natural as they didn’t. As far as false lashes go though, they didn’t make me look like a clown, but enhanced what I already have. Gorgeous! Will definitely be purchasing these again. (

Last but not least, Ruby Professional, Large Tapered Blending Brush, RRP €8. I do love getting more brushes and other makeup tools in these boxes every now and then, especially when they’re surprisingly good quality. It’s cruelty free and has nice, soft bristles, making it quite easy to work with. It’ll definitely have a place in my makeup brushes pot, should I finally find or make such a pot. My brushes are a bit of a mess at the moment. Really need to sort them out. I’m getting off topic here. Great brush!  (


As for the Raffaello, I ate it. Straight away. Wish there had been more. Oh well, can’t have it all.

Thank you Glossybox for this amazing gift you put together for me and your other subscribers!




Unboxing #6

I’m really early posting this, it’s not even the last day of the month yet. My Birchbox arrived on the 7th of November, nice and early. This means I’ve had time to try out everything from the box and I have to say I’ve got somewhat mixed feelings about the contents of it this month.

It arrived in its usual protective pink box and the excitement was real. It’s honestly really hard for me to hold myself back and take some pictures before ripping it open to see what my monthly gift box has in store for me.


This month the drawer style box was designed in peacock style, in collaboration with Tatler. At this point I was starting to skip around a little, not being able to wait to see what’s inside.


When I opened it however, all the excitement I’d felt just a few moments ago, melted away. Erm, so, a hairbrush and some boring little bottles? Is that it? Is that what I’ve been eagerly waiting for since October? Well, luckily it turned out to be a little bit more than that. Although I have to say that first impression is very important and this time it left me feeling a bit sad, even though some of the items turned out to be pretty good. Pepperminty Lip Tar, Wet Hair Brush, Average Face Cream, Awesome Hair Conditioner and Shiny BB Cream.


There was only one full sized item and that was the hairbrush. The other products were quite small sample sizes. A bit more about each one then.

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics, Lip Tar Primer, RRP £15 for a full-sized product. I have to say I’m still not too sure about this little guy (it’s the smallest tube of the bunch). It smells lovely and pepperminty, a little goes a long way and it made my lips really nice and soft. I don’t think it helped my lipstick to stay on any longer than it would’ve normally done though, which is one of the main things it’s supposed to do. In the end, I don’t think I’d recommend it as I pretty much use it as just a very expensive lip balm.

Wet Brush, Midi Wet Brush, RRP from £11.99. Right then. A hairbrush. I already have quite a few hairbrushes so at first I was rather disappointed. However I decided to give it a go and I have to say, it really does brush wet hair without any knotting or tugging. It’s a bit funny actually as I’ve never been able to brush my hair when it’s wet, as it’s so long and I don’t want to damage it, so I just haven’t seen the point. This brush is a bit of a game changer though. I now sometimes use it after shower or when I feel like I could do with a bit gentler treatment than my usual big and sturdy brushes give. Overall even though it feels a bit feeble, it does the job, so I’d recommend it.

Nuxe, Creme Prodigieuse, RRP £21 for a full-sized item. Another Nuxe product. I have to say I’m getting just a little bit tired of always having Nuxe in my boxes as I’m really not too keen on the smell of their items. They don’t generally smell nice and this face cream is no exception. It doesn’t smell too unpleasant either, it’s just very bland. It’s supposed to boost skin’s antioxidant levels, restore hydration and boost tired skin. I’m not too sure it did any of this for me. Maybe I just didn’t use it consistently enough. In any case I wouldn’t buy this again. And the search for a new face cream continues. I’m open to recommendations.

Beauty Protector, Protect & Detangle, RRP £18.50 for a full-sized product. It’s the little red spray bottle and the one thing that almost makes up for the other somewhat disappointing samples. I absolutely love what it does to my hair. It’s supposed to condition, detangle, smooth, add shine and protect hair. It does it all. Plus it smells really nice. Even though the price is quite steep for a leave-in conditioner, I’d consider buying it when my sample runs out. That’s how great I think it is. Is it too late to write to Father Christmas with my wish?

Marcelle, BB Cream Golden Glow Illuminator, RRP £25.50 for a full-sized item. It leaves my skin soft and lightly glowing with golden flecks. That sounds like I’d come out looking like I’ve been through a glitter rain. Well that’s not the case. The sparkle that it leaves is very subtle but nice. I didn’t notice it evening my skin tone much or masking imperfections that it’s supposed to do though. Also, when I first opened the cap it wouldn’t stop oozing out. I know it’s because there’s some air trapped in there that’s pushing it out, but it’s still not pleasant. Altogether I wouldn’t be buying it for the price that it sells for. I’d rather try to find either a cheaper alternative or something with more coverage.


That’s all I had in my box this month. Mostly not too impressed, but there were a couple of great items to make up for it. I think I’ll soon have to decide whether I want to continue with Birchbox or just stick with other monthly beauty boxes. We’ll see what they’ve got for me in December.


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Festive season with friends

We have two of our friends staying with us for two weeks and we thought that it’d be really nice to have an early festive season celebration with them. We called it Xmas, but I thought I’ll probably get rocks thrown at me for mentioning celebrating Xmas in November, what ever the reason. So festive season celebration with friends it is.

I decorated the house and put our tree up and everything. It looks really nice and cosy. It’s a bit of a miracle I got it done as the night before our friends arrived I was still painting the bathroom walls and our fireplace. The bathroom looks so nice now with white tiles on the two walls that get wet and the other two walls, that are on the opposite side of the shower, painted grey. The fireplace looks so much better now as well. It was this old faded brassy colour so I spray painted it matte black. It looks beautiful. I may write more about my DIY adventure some time soon.

What I really wanted to write about at the moment were the presents I got from my friends and my Mr, because I love them so much. My favourite part about festive holidays is giving presents and watching people open them. I’m always the one most excited about it, jumping up and down, clapping, all the things that would make you slowly inch away. I do apologise if that makes you uncomfortable.

Anyway, from my Mr I got this absolutely amazing Yankee Candle advent calendar. I’m so excited about it as I love candles (I think I’ve mentioned my candle addiction before. It’s hard for me to go to a shop and not buy any candles if I see them) and i really love Yankee Candle products. He of course knows it so he got me this really thoughtful present. Our friend R also got me a Yankee Candle (I see a theme here and I like it). I didn’t want to blow it out when taking the picture so I was just being extremely careful not to knock it over or set our tree on fire. Our friend G got me two books, both by Zoe Sugg (Zoella), knowing how I’ve been trying to catch up with all of her Youtube videos and how much I love them.


The last present that I mentioned is actually what pushed me to write this post now. I have been reading the first book – Girl Online by Zoe Sugg – and I absolutely love it. I love it so much. It’s such a great feel-good book. It reminds me a bit of The Princess Diaries by Meg Cabot that I read in my early teenage years. I find it really hard to put down and I just want to keep going, but I also don’t want it to end. I’ll let you know what I think of it once I’ve finished it but at the moment I have nothing but praise. Thank you Zoe!


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Bedtime stories

I really wish I had a switch to flick my brain into sleep mode. I know I’m not alone in this. Here’s what happened.

Last night I went through my nightly ritual of brushing my teeth, removing makeup, moisturising, etc. I then got under covers but made the mistake of quickly checking my phone before going to sleep. Upon doing so I checked Facebook which so kindly told me that it was the night of Supermoon – it was supposed to be the brightest moon since 1948. That of course got me quite excited so I jumped out of bed, opened the blinds, but couldn’t see the moon from my bedroom window. I then checked the other windows in the house but still couldn’t see anything. Then both my Mr and I put our dressing gowns on and we stepped out to our back garden. I looked around a bit, confused, but then my Mr suddenly pointed and said he could see it. I checked where he was pointing and still couldn’t see anything. What had happened to the moon? Well, we live in the UK, that’s what happened. It was really cloudy. So funny that neither of us even considered that.

Anyway, back to bed and then the thoughts started to come. I wrote about three blog posts and a short story in my head. It was great stuff, too. Except that it put off my sleep for quite some time. That’s when I wished for the off switch. However it wasn’t the only time.

In the morning I dreamt about writing an essay and I couldn’t wake up without finishing it. It was rather horrid. I could choose what I wanted to write about from a list of pre-determined topics that I was given. I chose to write ‘An essay in English and then directly translate it to Estonian so it looks really amateurish and sarcastic’. Don’t ask. I struggled with it for ages before finally getting some weird bursts of inspiration. In the end I was whizzing away, my handwriting getting more illegible by the sentence. I just wanted to be done so I could wake up. However I didn’t know how to finish it so I was stuck dreaming about a writers block. I then decided to just kill off everyone I’d been writing about. It worked – I woke up. Have you tried to write something in your sleep? It can be harder than it sounds.

So this was a bit of a weird one. Just to let you know, I’ve got some more unboxing posts, day to day happenings and a new story coming soon, so watch this space.


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I’m on a roll this year

I finished another craft project. (Actually two, but one of them is a Yule present for my sister so I can’t really discuss this here yet) If to include the secret item I made for my sister, I’ve finished four craft projects this year. It so happens this was the goal I set for myself. This means I’ve completed my craft goal for the year! That makes me so happy. I’m always starting everything but really struggling to finish what I’ve started, so having successfully finished this challenge makes me very happy.

What did I make? Well, I made myself boot cuffs. They’re to be worn with boots to make them more interesting, in some cases to help the boots stay up and also keep my legs warmer. They’re either going to be tucked into my boots with the upper half showing, or if I’m wearing ankle boots I can also wear them on top, covering the boot edge a bit.


They’re crocheted using quite chunky wool. I made the buttony things using little bits and bobs that were sent to me by my friend V from Ireland (*waves frantically*). It was also the very first time I’ve used a hot glue gun. With some help and encouragement from my Mr I realised it’s super easy to use and I really shouldn’t have been afraid of it. I just felt that hot glue and me wouldn’t mix well and I’d end up glued to my desk or something. Luckily nothing like this happened and instead I ended up with cute little buttony things for my boot cuffs.

Very excited to start my next project. If you’ve got any ideas about what I could do, let me know.