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Where to begin?

I really don’t even know where to begin. This week has been so busy and I’ve always had so much going on. I’ve started several blog posts, wrote the first paragraph, then been distracted by something and by the time I come back to it, what I was writing about doesn’t feel relevant anymore. A really quick update on what has happened this week then.


Halloween. We burnt pretty Halloween themed candles. I also had a job interview and now I need to decide whether to pursue it further or not. There are ups and downs either way, I just need to decide on something. Anything. It’s very scary.


I finished Joe Abercrombie’s book The Heroes. Goodreads informs me I’m 3 books behind if I want to finish my challenge of reading 30 books this year. So far I’ve finished 22. Need to get reading!


I finished my programming course. Bought seven pomelos. Thank you sis for giving me a lift to Tartu. Went for a quick shopping trip. Bought my Mr a head massager thing. It was later received with great thanks. Works a treat. Booked flights to Ireland.


Up at 3.40am UK time. Thank you sis for giving me a lift to the bus station. Travelling all day. Flight delayed an hour. Sniffed a face cream that cost over £400. It was foul. On the plane I sat in first row for the first time. A lot of leg room. On the train I talked to a random person. It was scary. I’m not very good in this kind of situations. Human contact frightens me. My future mother-in-law S picked me up from the train station. Thank you! Very bad traffic. Picked up my Mr as well. Had a reservation at our local restaurant. Food took a long time to arrive. I only managed a few bites before feeling sick. I was very tired. What I did manage to eat was lovely though. We walked home. Mr had baked me a cake. He insisted we cut into it, even if we didn’t eat it that night. Inside, in a box wrapped in foil, was an engagement ring. It’s the most beautiful ring I’ve seen. I cried from happiness. I’m a crybaby like that. I also got another present which I’m going to keep a secret for now. I have reasons.


I didn’t sleep well at all. I was in a lot of different kinds of pains and couldn’t regulate my temperature. The day passed in a kind of a haze. Had a catch up with S. It was great. Later visited my future sister-in-law L. It was a surprise party for her birthday. It was great.


I didn’t sleep well again. Same issues as the night before. Then we went to town, visited a lot of shops, bought some great things. Best purchase of the day was a jumper from H&M’s men’s sale section. Size XL it’s a super comfy over-sized jumper-dress for me. Oh, and it’s orange. So with green tights I’m like a pumpkin. Later went round to my Mr’s parents to watch the Warcraft film again. Still loving it. Started stripping the wallpaper in the bathroom to redecorate.


I slept! Started with unit two of my interior design course. Bought an Xmas present for our friend G who lives on a make believe island.

There was a lot more that I couldn’t remember right now as I have a bad headache and I’m very tired. If you can fill in any gaps with more important things that happened, let me know.

Off to sleep now.


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