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I’m on a roll this year

I finished another craft project. (Actually two, but one of them is a Yule present for my sister so I can’t really discuss this here yet) If to include the secret item I made for my sister, I’ve finished four craft projects this year. It so happens this was the goal I set for myself. This means I’ve completed my craft goal for the year! That makes me so happy. I’m always starting everything but really struggling to finish what I’ve started, so having successfully finished this challenge makes me very happy.

What did I make? Well, I made myself boot cuffs. They’re to be worn with boots to make them more interesting, in some cases to help the boots stay up and also keep my legs warmer. They’re either going to be tucked into my boots with the upper half showing, or if I’m wearing ankle boots I can also wear them on top, covering the boot edge a bit.


They’re crocheted using quite chunky wool. I made the buttony things using little bits and bobs that were sent to me by my friend V from Ireland (*waves frantically*). It was also the very first time I’ve used a hot glue gun. With some help and encouragement from my Mr I realised it’s super easy to use and I really shouldn’t have been afraid of it. I just felt that hot glue and me wouldn’t mix well and I’d end up glued to my desk or something. Luckily nothing like this happened and instead I ended up with cute little buttony things for my boot cuffs.

Very excited to start my next project. If you’ve got any ideas about what I could do, let me know.


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