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Bedtime stories

I really wish I had a switch to flick my brain into sleep mode. I know I’m not alone in this. Here’s what happened.

Last night I went through my nightly ritual of brushing my teeth, removing makeup, moisturising, etc. I then got under covers but made the mistake of quickly checking my phone before going to sleep. Upon doing so I checked Facebook which so kindly told me that it was the night of Supermoon – it was supposed to be the brightest moon since 1948. That of course got me quite excited so I jumped out of bed, opened the blinds, but couldn’t see the moon from my bedroom window. I then checked the other windows in the house but still couldn’t see anything. Then both my Mr and I put our dressing gowns on and we stepped out to our back garden. I looked around a bit, confused, but then my Mr suddenly pointed and said he could see it. I checked where he was pointing and still couldn’t see anything. What had happened to the moon? Well, we live in the UK, that’s what happened. It was really cloudy. So funny that neither of us even considered that.

Anyway, back to bed and then the thoughts started to come. I wrote about three blog posts and a short story in my head. It was great stuff, too. Except that it put off my sleep for quite some time. That’s when I wished for the off switch. However it wasn’t the only time.

In the morning I dreamt about writing an essay and I couldn’t wake up without finishing it. It was rather horrid. I could choose what I wanted to write about from a list of pre-determined topics that I was given. I chose to write ‘An essay in English and then directly translate it to Estonian so it looks really amateurish and sarcastic’. Don’t ask. I struggled with it for ages before finally getting some weird bursts of inspiration. In the end I was whizzing away, my handwriting getting more illegible by the sentence. I just wanted to be done so I could wake up. However I didn’t know how to finish it so I was stuck dreaming about a writers block. I then decided to just kill off everyone I’d been writing about. It worked – I woke up. Have you tried to write something in your sleep? It can be harder than it sounds.

So this was a bit of a weird one. Just to let you know, I’ve got some more unboxing posts, day to day happenings and a new story coming soon, so watch this space.


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