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Unboxing #6

I’m really early posting this, it’s not even the last day of the month yet. My Birchbox arrived on the 7th of November, nice and early. This means I’ve had time to try out everything from the box and I have to say I’ve got somewhat mixed feelings about the contents of it this month.

It arrived in its usual protective pink box and the excitement was real. It’s honestly really hard for me to hold myself back and take some pictures before ripping it open to see what my monthly gift box has in store for me.


This month the drawer style box was designed in peacock style, in collaboration with Tatler. At this point I was starting to skip around a little, not being able to wait to see what’s inside.


When I opened it however, all the excitement I’d felt just a few moments ago, melted away. Erm, so, a hairbrush and some boring little bottles? Is that it? Is that what I’ve been eagerly waiting for since October? Well, luckily it turned out to be a little bit more than that. Although I have to say that first impression is very important and this time it left me feeling a bit sad, even though some of the items turned out to be pretty good. Pepperminty Lip Tar, Wet Hair Brush, Average Face Cream, Awesome Hair Conditioner and Shiny BB Cream.


There was only one full sized item and that was the hairbrush. The other products were quite small sample sizes. A bit more about each one then.

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics, Lip Tar Primer, RRP £15 for a full-sized product. I have to say I’m still not too sure about this little guy (it’s the smallest tube of the bunch). It smells lovely and pepperminty, a little goes a long way and it made my lips really nice and soft. I don’t think it helped my lipstick to stay on any longer than it would’ve normally done though, which is one of the main things it’s supposed to do. In the end, I don’t think I’d recommend it as I pretty much use it as just a very expensive lip balm.

Wet Brush, Midi Wet Brush, RRP from £11.99. Right then. A hairbrush. I already have quite a few hairbrushes so at first I was rather disappointed. However I decided to give it a go and I have to say, it really does brush wet hair without any knotting or tugging. It’s a bit funny actually as I’ve never been able to brush my hair when it’s wet, as it’s so long and I don’t want to damage it, so I just haven’t seen the point. This brush is a bit of a game changer though. I now sometimes use it after shower or when I feel like I could do with a bit gentler treatment than my usual big and sturdy brushes give. Overall even though it feels a bit feeble, it does the job, so I’d recommend it.

Nuxe, Creme Prodigieuse, RRP £21 for a full-sized item. Another Nuxe product. I have to say I’m getting just a little bit tired of always having Nuxe in my boxes as I’m really not too keen on the smell of their items. They don’t generally smell nice and this face cream is no exception. It doesn’t smell too unpleasant either, it’s just very bland. It’s supposed to boost skin’s antioxidant levels, restore hydration and boost tired skin. I’m not too sure it did any of this for me. Maybe I just didn’t use it consistently enough. In any case I wouldn’t buy this again. And the search for a new face cream continues. I’m open to recommendations.

Beauty Protector, Protect & Detangle, RRP £18.50 for a full-sized product. It’s the little red spray bottle and the one thing that almost makes up for the other somewhat disappointing samples. I absolutely love what it does to my hair. It’s supposed to condition, detangle, smooth, add shine and protect hair. It does it all. Plus it smells really nice. Even though the price is quite steep for a leave-in conditioner, I’d consider buying it when my sample runs out. That’s how great I think it is. Is it too late to write to Father Christmas with my wish?

Marcelle, BB Cream Golden Glow Illuminator, RRP £25.50 for a full-sized item. It leaves my skin soft and lightly glowing with golden flecks. That sounds like I’d come out looking like I’ve been through a glitter rain. Well that’s not the case. The sparkle that it leaves is very subtle but nice. I didn’t notice it evening my skin tone much or masking imperfections that it’s supposed to do though. Also, when I first opened the cap it wouldn’t stop oozing out. I know it’s because there’s some air trapped in there that’s pushing it out, but it’s still not pleasant. Altogether I wouldn’t be buying it for the price that it sells for. I’d rather try to find either a cheaper alternative or something with more coverage.


That’s all I had in my box this month. Mostly not too impressed, but there were a couple of great items to make up for it. I think I’ll soon have to decide whether I want to continue with Birchbox or just stick with other monthly beauty boxes. We’ll see what they’ve got for me in December.


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