My life

Just a day

My life really isn’t interesting at all. Today I slept in and then felt like there wasn’t much point in doing anything with the rest of my day as I’ve wasted the morning. Some logic, eh? OK, I did do some things. Tidied the house and did yoga for the first time. I also reached the conclusion that there are as many new beginnings as there are days. Just because you veered off course a little one day, doesn’t mean you should give up. Not at all. Just keep swimming.

That’s going to be my advice of the day to myself. Just keep swimming. I like swimming. Just gliding in water like a little fish. I’m so pulling a fish face right now just thinking about it. You should try it. Suck your cheeks and lips in until you look like a fish. It’s a great way to take yourself less seriously. Which is important in order to not overthink everything. Which in order is important to survive without imploding. Anyone else? Or is it just me?

Tomorrow I’ll have another first. Should I do a post about firsts? I think I’ve stumbled upon something there. In any case, tomorrow will be my first time playing – drum roll, please – Dungeons and Dragons. I received the background story for the character I created and I must say, I’m extremely excited.

Oh, tomorrow I’m also making gingerbread dough. It needs to sit in the refrigerator (who ever types or even says the whole thing, and not just fridge?) overnight, so I’ll be baking on Sunday. We’re also going to visit the Xmas markets on Sunday. Our friend G has never been, so we’re all very excited. Hey, that’s another first. Not mine, but still.

I’m sure there’s more, but I want to get back to Pretty Little Liars now. I started watching it yesterday and am up to episode 6 of season 1 now. So far I like it. Will see if I’ll love it soon.


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