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Unboxing #8

Right, I realise I promised to do this post in November, so two or more days ago. I’m not going to lie, one of the reasons I haven’t done it yet is because I was lazy and couldn’t find the motivation and inspiration to tackle it. That’s the cold hard truth. Well, part of it anyway. I might talk about the second part some other time.

In any case. Here’s the post. The mystery unboxing. Well, it won’t be a mystery anymore in a moment. Boy I’m really dragging this one out, aren’t I? Why not just tell you what I’m unboxing? I’m actually enjoying this now. It’s not even that big of a deal actually. I wonder how many of you get bored of this before the box is revealed. Have you stopped reading yet? Well you should’ve done, or at least skipped ahead, because this is getting silly now. I’m just giggling to myself. Ok, enough. The box I’m unboxing isn’t actually even one of mine. It’s in fact something my Mr ordered himself, after he saw how great my monthly beauty boxes are. So this is sort of an equivalent of beauty boxes for men. I present for the first time on my blog – Toppbox! (I love the little moustache in the second o)


Once opened, it reveals a rather luxurious looking interior. There’s four items in total, with one full-sized and three sample-sized products. I’ve asked my Mr to comment on all of the items as he’s the one using them, but I’ve added my opinions about some of the features – such as smell or value for money – as well.


The first is the the only full-sized item, Scottish Fine Soaps Classic Male Grooming Exfoliating Body Wash, (wow that was a mouthful) RRP £8.50 for 200ml. It promises to revitalise and refresh, clear skin and pores and leave you feeling clean and uplifted. I love the smell of it, it’s very manly. I’m not sure what the smell is exactly, but I imagine it’d be one of the safe scents that shouldn’t offend anyone’s nose. Mr: ‘The exfoliatory bits were small, so it felt like shower gel rather than sandpaper. The smell was nice. Overall good job.’ Overall verdict – good, but a bit too expensive to use daily. It’s available at


Next is The Blue Beards-Revenge Post Shave Balm, RRP £2.99 for 20ml (£9.99 for 100ml). It contains Witch Hazel and Aloe Vera to nourish skin after shaving and as an added bonus it’s also got Decelerine, which is supposed to reduce beard growth and tackle razor rash and burn. It has quite a strong smell, but it’s rather nice. Mr: ‘I use an electric shaver, so probably not the best thing for me. However still felt nice.’ Overall verdict – average, but a bit pricey. Available at


Next up is Trevarno Men’s Facial Moisturiser, RRP £13 for 30ml (£18 for 60ml). It’s designed to nourish, repair and soothe skin. It says it’ll melt into the skin, leaving it feeling moisturised and smooth. I have to say, it smells a bit funny to me. I think there’s a bit of a citrus undertone to it, but most of it is something else that I can’t figure out. I can’t even decide if it’s unpleasant or not. I think it’s actually alright. I just keep sniffing it at the moment, trying to figure it out. Hmm, no. I put a bit of it on my arm and it definitely smells better on skin, than it does in the little pot. Now I keep sniffing it on my arm and I’ve decided I like the smell of it. Phew, that was a tough one!  Mr: ‘I don’t really do face creams. So, meh.’ Overall verdict – Mr will have to start using face creams. It’s available at


Last but not least is Gruhme No. 14, RRP £5 for 5ml (£45 for 100ml). ‘Named for its 14% concentration ensuring a pronounced sillage that is sure to impress with its contemporary sophistication.’ I don’t know about that. However it promises citrus top notes, woody base and patchouli heart, which are all present (ok, I don’t actually know what patchouli is, but the Mr smote me with it once when we were on a holiday in Turkey). I think it’s a lovely strong scent. Maybe a bit too strong when first sprayed, however definitely better than the alternative of it being too weak. Mr: ‘Actually quite impressed with this. Would buy again, 5/7.’ Overall verdict – best one of the bunch. Available on


Overall the products were good and if you’re not one to explore skincare and fragrances in shops, it could be a good way to discover new favourites. However, the value of these products is almost as much as the box costs, so if you don’t like some of these items, it could possibly not be worth it. Mr has kept his subscription for another month and will decide if he’s going to continue with it after the next box.


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