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Festive Baking – Xmas Tree Brownies

Is that title too long? I want there to be no mistake what this post is about – re-organising wardrobes! Just kidding. Today I finally made the Xmas tree brownies that I’ve been wanting to make for so long now. I used as many shortcuts as I could, to make this easier. Nobody’s got time to be making things from scratch during the festive holiday period. Also, it’s a great recipe to make with kids (or your other half – greetings to my Mr who helped me decorate the trees!). I promise it’s a minimal amount of effort and a lot of fun instead.

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What you’ll need:

  • A box of brownie mix (or a brownie recipe of your choice)
  • What your brownie mix says you need to add. Mine asked for an egg, 75ml of water and 45ml of oil
  • Vanilla flavoured frosting (or you can whip up your own)
  • Green food colouring
  • Sprinkles
  • A mixing bowl and a spatula (or a spoon, whisk, etc)
  • A lightly greased brownie tin (I give you my permission to use a round tin instead of a traditional rectangular one, if like me you don’t have a rectangular one big/small enough)
  • You’ll also need a little bowl where to mix your frosting and food colouring together
  • And an icing bag with a simple nozzle


Step 1 – Empty the brownie mix and add the ingredients it’s asking for (egg, water and oil. Doesn’t look too appealing at this point, but just wait until step 2)


Step 2 – Mix it all together. Now that looks better, doesn’t it? Make sure there’s no lumps by the time you’re finished.


Step 3 – pour the mixture into lightly greased tins. Or a single tin if you’ve got the right sized one. I actually found the round ones worked really great to make them Xmas tree shaped.


Step 4 – Bake them according to the instructions on your brownie mix pack. Mine were ready in 25 minutes at gas mark 4. I poked holes in one to test if it was ready. The dimple you see on the second one happened when my oven mitt sank into it when I was trying to fish it out from the back of the oven. Once they’re cooled, cut them into triangles.

Step 5 – Whilst the brownies cool (they need to be completely cooled before you can ice them), prepare the icing. For this put a couple of dollops of icing from the tub to the bowl and add some food colouring. You can gradually build the colour up by adding more colouring, until it looks like you want it to look. Mix well to avoid any clumps of colour.

Step 6 – Turn the edges of the icing bag down (like turning it inside out but stop half way) and spoon the icing in. Once you’ve got a good amount in the bag, fold the edges back up again and twist the bag a little, to make sure all of the icing is in the nozzle end of it and that it won’t escape out of the back when you’re piping. Honestly, trying to explain piping when you’re not too sure what you’re doing yourself is great.


Step 7 – Start piping! My nozzle was a bit small so the lines came out wavy in some places and lumpy in others. That’s ok though, we’re having fun, not looking for perfection in piping. You’ll get better it with practice (mind you, mine seemed to get worse as I kept going but hey, I enjoyed doing it)


Step 8 – Add the sprinkles straight after icing, before it gets to dry. Go nuts. That’s the best part so enjoy it!


Step 9 – Repeat with the other trees. Wheeeee!


Step 10 – Tuck in!


Here’s a quick summary of the steps:

  1. Add the liquid ingredients to your brownie mix
  2. Mix it until there’s no lumps
  3. Pour the mix into slightly greased tin(s)
  4. Bake according to the instructions on your brownie mix. Once baked and cooled, cut into triangles
  5. Prepare the icing by mixing it with food colouring. Add more colouring to reach desired intensity.
  6. Spoon the icing into the icing bag
  7. Pipe one brownie with side to side movements
  8. Whilst icing is still wet, add sprinkles
  9. Repeat with the other brownie slices
  10. Enjoy 🙂

I had a lot of fun making these and even my Mr joined in with the  decorating and it looked like he was enjoying it, too.



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