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Well that’s just not good

Hello everybody! This post may reach you from Frankfurt, if I finish it before my flight. How exciting! Hold that thought… I went to get the pictures I took of my festive crafts and it looks like my SD card has been wiped. That means all of my pictures are gone. And the hours I put into the crafts I was going to share with you are gone as well. Uhmmm… Right, I guess I’ll change the title of my post then. No more ‘Festive crafts, part 1’.

I looked into it and it’s saying the files on my SD card are corrupt and the only way to go about it is to format the card. I feel so disheartened right now. I spent hours making all kinds of Xmassy crafts yesterday so I could post about it.

Oh well. It’s a lesson to be learned. Don’t count on daily manual backups. I didn’t want to have every picture I’ve ever taken uploaded as I take a lot of pointless ones (as does everyone with a smartphone these days, I guess), so I’ve been uploading the special ones manually. But I guess I’d rather have some pointless pictures saved than lose any special ones.

Anyway. Yes, I’m in Frankfurt right now. Hmm, does it still count if I don’t leave the airport? I guess it doesn’t. It’s like I’m in-between two dimensions. Or is that too deep? I think it might be. I’ll just stick to ‘I’m at the airport, waiting for my flight’. The flight from Manchester was awesome. I was awake for just long enough to get my complimentary pecan strudel and then I fell asleep and woke up as the plane wheels touched the ground. That’s the dream.

OH!!! I almost forgot. I checked in my massive suitcase with presents for everyone but I also have a carry-on suitcase with just one item in there. Guess what’s in it? Ok, I know nobody likes the guessing games. My wedding dress! I’m taking my wedding dress to Estonia so I can have it altered and ready for the summer. It’s amazing how this much fabric can fit into such a small suitcase.

I think that’s all my sleep deprived head can come up with for now. I’ll see, maybe I can save my pictures somehow. And if not, well who needs progress pictures anyway, I’ll just show you the end results.


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