My life

Uhmm… I’ll think of something.

I was writing my next unboxing post, but then I realised I don’t actually remember much about the products in it. I tried to jog my memory by reading some reviews of them, but that made me think I didn’t actually enjoy the products from that box as much as I thought. It’s so weird, because I remembered the products from my Glossybox perfectly well. But not from the other one for some reason. Don’t know. We’ll see. I’ll do it when I’m back home and can try them again.

Anyway. I’ve been chilling to the max in Estonia. Yesterday my little one and I decorated the Christmas tree. I had to redo the tinsel about ten times before it looked even half way decent. Then I did something a bit mean – I put all the presents I’d brought with me under the tree. My little one then asked if we were going to open them that night. That’s when I realised what I’d done – I had to tell her that she’s got to leave the presents be for quite a few days and can’t open them until the weekend. Her face fell and she said she’ll try to make it until then. A bit later I caught her going through the pile, checking which ones are for her. Luckily my Mr did a great job wrapping them (thank you!), so there’s no way she can sneak a peek in any of them and the surprises are safe!

Today I paid a visit to my hairdresser. I’ve lived in the UK for a few years but I still wouldn’t trust anyone else with my hair. I absolutely love my hairdresser. She’s never let me down and isn’t too mad at me when I do something stupid with my hair yet again (like dye it blue) which leaves it a wreck that she’s got to somehow pick up and sort out. Today however she brought out hair clippers and said ‘don’t panic!’ well you can bet your bum I panicked haha. I know I sometimes tell my Mr I envy his short hair when his is dry in 3 minutes after the shower and mine takes hours upon hours, but I still wouldn’t want it to be just zssshwooomed off. Anyway, back to the hair clippers. She then showed me that she had a sort of a special attachment for it to catch my damaged hair ends throughout my hair. And it worked! It worked a treat actually. My hair feels amazing now. So healthy and shiny and I’m so happy! It smells great do. She’s made me a total fangirl of Wella products. I absolutely swear by their hair oils. If you haven’t tried them yet, I absolutely 100% recommend them. Go-go-go buy them! All of it! Ok, I’ll stop now. No pressure.

Anyway, I think I’ve rambled on for long enough now. I’ll be back soon with more rambles 🙂 Oh, I just realised I don’t have a title for this post yet. Uhmm… I’ll think of something.

I’ll leave you with a thought: ‘Take time to do more of what makes your soul happy. Forget ‘should’, ‘could’ & ‘would’ and just wear a tea cosy as a hat if you want.’


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