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Festive Crafts Parts 1 & 2

Happy Yule to all of my readers! Ho-ho-ho. I don’t know. Today has been one of the days that confirm I’m one of the clumsiest creatures that roams this planet. I’d just finished vacuuming when I knocked over a massive box of soft crumbly gingerbreads all over the floor. And then I managed to knock a dent in my heel with the vacuum cleaner. Well… yeah.

Anyway, you may remember that a few posts ago I mentioned that as my SD card decided to die on me, which meant I lost all the pictures of my crafts I’d done to post here. Well, my Mr has come to my rescue (yet again) and taken more pictures of the end products back home. So I still don’t have progress pictures, but let’s face it – it’s Xmas now, way too late to be crafting your butt off anyway. So I’ll just show off what I did. And I’ll be more prepared next year.

Part 1 – Snowy Lanterns and Cute Bobble Hats

These little lanterns were super simple and fun to make. I started off with a few clean jars (it was an absolute pain to get the labels off), black cardboard, scissors and a can of snow spray. That’s pretty much it. I cut out silhouettes of little houses and some trees in a row and fastened them with a little bit of clear tape. I then sprayed the tops of the jars with the snow and popped tealights in them. Tadaaaah! Snowy lanterns.


Then I made these cute little bobble hats. For these I used empty toilet rolls, wool and scissors. I started off by cutting the cardboard toilet rolls into rings – I think one roll made about 5 rings – to make a base for the hats. I then cut wool into even strips and wrapped it around the cardboard rings. I then tied up the ends and trimmed them. It’s a bit harder to explain than the lanterns, but hey, here they are. Cute little bobble hats!

Part 2 – Ribbon Trees and a Pretty Swirly Thing

For ribbon trees, I just used some ribbon, beads/pearls, a needle and thread. I folded the ribbon up to remotely resemble a Christmas tree (I mean, you have to REALLY want to see the resemblance), and put it together with thread, placing beads or pearls in-between the layers. Worst description ever. You can check out the picture underneath though, maybe that’ll help.


Last but not least, the pretty swirly things. You can see one of them on the pictures above. I made two though, I’ll show you the other one in a bit. For these I just used some golden cardboard and all kinds of decorations. The first one I decorated with the crafty bits I’d made. The second I decorated with little pom poms and sequins. I just cut out something that resembled a circle from the cardboard and then followed a somewhat spiral course to make it swirly. I then hung stuff off it. They were perfect to hang off curtain poles where I didn’t have any other decorations.


These were my festive crafts and I absolutely loved doing them. Even if I could’ve spent my last day home before leaving for a week packing or baking or doing anything else. In any case I’m glad I did them. I hope they brighten up our house whilst I’m gone for the holidays.

On a different note – apparently today is the 1 year anniversary of my blog. So I’d like to thank everyone who’s been reading my ramblings, whether you joined me a year ago or if this is the first post of mine you’ve read. I’ve got some exciting new things planned for next year, so stay tuned.

I’m not sure if or how much I’m going to post before next year, so I’ll wish you all a happy Christmas and a wonderful new year! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Festive Crafts Parts 1 & 2”

  1. They definitely brighten up the house and add a lovely sparkly festive feel….I loved the jars …and didn’t realise you’d made them when I popped in the other day….I would have gladly paid money for those in a craft store….. worth all the effort and fun you (and no doubt Mr Mischief) had making them xxx happy Christmas Gia xx

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