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My Sunday

Dear Diary,

Today’s been a great day! It started around 8am, when my other half was getting ready to go out on an adventure day.

Once he’d left, as I was up anyway (during inhumane hours for a Sunday), I thought I’ll get some stuff done. So I took a lot of pictures for my next few blog posts, including some beauty boxes I got in January and the books I’ve read this month. More about that next time though.

After a couple of hours my sister-in-law-to-be arrived and we had an awesome day watching movies.

First we watched What To Expect When You’re Expecting. Absolutely hilarious and I loved it from start to finish. A lot of well-known actors and actresses in it too. Definitely worth a watch if you’re looking for a light-hearted comedy.

Secondly we watched an amazing documentary called Harry & Snowman. It was about a man who rescued a horse who was about to be taken to a slaughter house. What happened after that was just pure magic and very emotional. Also, we’d ordered takeaway and the delivery guy arrived just as the film was ending and were both bawling our eyes out. This took some explaining and the poor guy looked a bit confused haha.

Lastly we watched The Huntsman: Winter’s War. It was a lot better than I expected it to be and I actually enjoyed every bit of it. It was very funny and the way they’d done the story to tie in with the previous film (Snow White and the Huntsman) was quite well done.

Then our other halves got back from their adventure day (my sister-in-law-to-be’s fiance had gone with my own significant otter [this is getting confusing, isn’t it?]) and as our guys were quite knackered, they left for home pretty soon.

At this point it started to sink in that I’m actually starting a new job tomorrow (eeeshk!) and I had a momentary blip of panic. However, overall my new manager has done a good job to make me feel like starting this new job isn’t actually scary at all. For which I’m rather thankful. Enough about that though. Also, that’s probably one of the very few times you’ll see me mention work here, but it was an important part of my day today so I thought I’ll throw it in here anyway.

After that I decided that it was about time I finish laser zapping my legs so I started to do that. In case you’re curious – it’s at home laser hair removal and is nothing short of being magical.

Then it ran out of battery, as I had like 1/16th of a leg to go, so I had to put it to charge. As I woke up quite early, I was getting rather sleepy at this point. So I decided the main thing was to keep going. Just keep busy. I picked out an outfit tomorrow, packed my work bag, worked out my menu for the next week – oh, yeah, I forgot to mention that I’m going to be a vegetarian for the next week (or the whole of February if my first week goes well). I decided I’d like to introduce a lot more vegetables in my food and what better way to do it than not to have a choice about it. Having a choice is what ruins everything for me. I mean, if you have a choice between a bag of crisps or a turnip, which would you choose? My point exactly.

Anyway, after I’d done all that, my zapper still hadn’t finished charging and I can’t continue until it’s got full battery again so I had to find something else to do. That’s when I decided to write this little update post. Now that’s done, I’ll go check on my laser beam again.

And then go to sleep.

As I’m tired and it’s quite an important day tomorrow.

Yes. Good plan.


My life

A rather odd dream

I dreamt that I’d parked my car at the train station, gotten out to do something (buy a train ticket maybe?) and a few minutes later got back in. As I was preparing to drive back home, 3 older ladies got in. I tried to explain to them that I’m not a taxi and they should get out. They said that their mother won’t be there to pick them up until 9pm. I checked the time and it was currently 7pm.

I was nearly in tears, trying to explain to them that I’m not comfortable driving with strangers in my car and I’d really like for them to get out. They refused.

I then asked where they lived and explained that I’m only going home which was 3 miles from the train station. They said they live near a shop called Argos. I checked Google maps and the nearest Argos was 17.2 miles away. I told them I can’t take them there. They still wouldn’t get out though. Then the car started to roll whilst I was still trying to make out the directions. I cried and cursed a little, then decided to just drive home.

However, apparently my car wasn’t made to carry 4 people, as it got heavier and heavier to pedal (somehow the car had suddenly sprouted bicycle pedals). I kept going down a gear but after a mile, the car just wasn’t moving and the cars behind me were beeping at me angrily and I was so panicky.

I told the grumpy old ladies that they’ll have to get out. I spotted a McDonald’s to my left and I told them I’ll drop them off there. They looked at me aghast as if I was the world’s biggest sack of scum and said they will NOT be taken to McDonald’s.

That’s when I lost it. I couldn’t possibly pedal another inch, it was like trying to move a gigantic boulder. It just wasn’t happening. So I shouted at them to get out. If looks could kill, I would’ve died then. They huffed and puffed their way to McDonald’s.

My car could move again, light as a feather. I drove home.

Later I found out that they had asked for the McDonald’s manager to complain about me. The manager had laughed at them and said they must be nuts.

That’s when I woke up.


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Some (weird) things I do

That’s literally what I’m going to write about. Buckle up.

When I’m sat down and my cat – Mischief – approaches me, looking like he’s ready for a nice nap on my lap, but I know I’ll need to get up soon, I try to make myself as uncomfortable as possible. This ends up with me in all kinds of weird shapes and Mischief still finds a way to get comfortable on me.

When I start reading a new book, I always check how many pages there are, so I can keep track. I also sometimes read (a bit of the) last page first. It in no way diminishes the enjoyment I get from a book. I just like knowing.

I need to have my keys in a specific order.

In the morning, when I’m getting ready for the day, I lay down everything I’m going to use, sometimes in the order I’m going to use it in. Such as toothbrush and toothpaste followed by deodorant followed by face cleanser followed by moisturiser, etc. I do the same for my before bed cleansing ritual.

When I’m about to run out of something (especially beauty or skincare products), I somehow find myself using twice as much of it (than necessary), just so it’d be gone and I could start a new one.

When going out for a meal I (usually) don’t feel comfortable until I’ve checked the restaurant’s menu online beforehand and decided what I’m going to have.

I open my bananas from the black bit, not the stem end. No mushing and I have a handy stem to hold on to when I get to the bottom of my banana.

I think that’s enough for now. I got some important things off my chest and you all know me a little bit better.


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Third time lucky?

This is my third attempt at writing a post tonight. My first one was about weight, which turned into a ramble so I gave it up. For my second one I was looking for inspiration from 80s rock (as if that could’ve ever worked out. I got way too distracted by the music to come up with anything other than ‘I have no idea what to write about.’). Now it’s just me.

That hair colour is almost accurate for me as of the day before yesterday. I dyed my hair again. I just can’t leave it be. Since I was 14 (or 15?), I’ve been addicted to colouring my hair all kinds of different hues. So now I’m chocolate, which sounds really brown, but is actually quite red. I love it though. Historically I’ve been known to have hair that’s green, blue, purple, red, blue black, blonde, ginger, brunette, etc. One addiction that I’m not sure I’ll be able to break. Although purely because I couldn’t be arsed I didn’t dye my hair for months upon months last year. So maybe there’s hope for my hair yet.

As for TV shows, I really can’t do anything in a reasonable amount, can I? A few days ago I was starting with season 5 of Pretty Little Liars. Well, today I’m almost half way through season 7. Which also means I’m almost up to date. Which in turn means that there’s only so many episodes left until the series ends. This makes me sad. I’ll miss them a lot. /sniff

Also, talking about TV series – we finally decided to catch up with Game of Thrones. This meant that last night we watched the first 5 episodes and will finish with the other 5 tonight. I have to say, I’m absolutely amazed that it’s been almost a year and I’ve only had like, one or two minor spoilers about the show. I do love just watching them all in two goes though. No having to wait a week for the next one. I’m not sure why we left GoT so late though. Hmm. Anyway, I’ll best go get ready to spend the rest of my night in Westeros.




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Late night thoughts


Late night? It’s only just gone 10pm. Wow, I AM getting old. Well, in just less than two hours it’s my birthday so I guess that’s fitting. Anyway, I’m in bed, watching Pretty Little Liars and thinking the awesome thoughts and making the awesome plans that you can only do when you’re utterly comfy and just feel like you’re in your happy place at this moment in time.

We’ve been celebrating my birthday weekend and it’s been super awesome. Went to Manchester today for sushi and a bit of shopping. I had way too many cheesecake balls but not nearly enough. I feel like I should’ve bought some to take away. Oh well. I guess that only makes them so much more special. (If you don’t know what I’m talking about then you want to look up Strawberry Cheesecake Mochi) As for shopping I actually didn’t buy much at all. I was feeling a bit anxious so everything was a bit swirly and closing in on me. It was alright and I had it under control thanks to my Mr but I felt more like browsing than actually buying anything.

I did get two candles from Home Sense though (yeah, I’m still a candle nut). A Cooling Eucalyptus one (I’m hoping it’ll lure a couple of koalas in for me to cuddle as it smells very strongly and amazingly of eucalyptus) and one called Serenity which is … you know what, I’ve no idea what it actually smells of. But it is a rather fresh yet calming sent. Kind of purifying maybe? Is that a way to describe a smell? I don’t know. Continuing with the smelly theme I also picked up a reed diffuser – Purple Blackberry Fig scented one. Very nice and quite fresh. This year I’m really feeling the fresh theme for some reason. Usually I’d still be pining for Xmas at this time but this year it’s all about freshness and spring and all that.

Changing the topic completely – I said I’d write more about my goals and challenges and stuff. Well here’s what I was going to say – I want to do at least six craft projects this year. Last year I did way more than the four I’d set as my target and I’d like to keep it up this year. I love wearing the clothes that I’ve made myself or using my crafty and nifty bits around the house. So yeah. More crafts!

Anyway, I’ll go back to PLL now. I’m in the middle of season five so just two and a half seasons to go!


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A letter to my mascaras

Dear mascaras,

If you read this, I’ve gone crazy. Don’t expect me back until Thursday. (I mean, if my mascaras are reading this, there’s no doubt I’ve finally lost it). I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for being the most important part of my makeup bag. Even though I can easily imagine my life without you, it just wouldn’t be the same. There’s currently five of you in my possession and I love and cherish each and every one of you for the part you play in my life.


Too Faced – Better Than Sex

You’re the best mascara I’ve ever owned. I remember when I got you – this cute little travel sized version – in one of my monthly beauty boxes (I’m sorry, I can’t remember which box it was). And it was love at first sight. You make it look like I’m wearing false lashes when really it’s just you being amazing, you little beauty. You make my lashes so thick and long with no smudging. Thanks to the shape of your brush you’re also easy to apply even on the bits I’d usually struggle to reach. I use you on nights out and when I feel like I need that little bit extra during daytime. I mean, I could keep on going about how amazing you are, but it’d just turn into mindless ramble about how much I love you. I absolutely 100% recommend you to anyone who’s looking for a new mascara.

Maybelline – Lash Sensational Luscious

I’ve found you a bit trickier to work. You’re very, well, luscious but that means you’re also very clumping. Or is it me? Are my lashes not built for your rich oil blends? Do I just not know how to apply you? I know you’re meant to be a bit ‘clumpy’, but at times it just feels a bit too much. I’m not giving up on you though! You come from a family of mascaras that I absolutely adore, so I refuse to believe you’re any different. I think our love story is just a steady growing affection, not a full blown love at first sight. I usually save you for evening time, for a bit more dramatic look. If people don’t mind having to tame a mascara first or if they’re used to the wilder ones, I’d recommend you.

Jelly Pong Pong – Fairy Lashes Curl

The newest addition to our family – welcome! I got you in my this month’s lookfantastic beauty box so I’ve only had a couple of days to get to know you. So far I’d say you’re a great little day time mascara. Nothing too dramatic, great for work for example. I love your traditional bristle brush and how it gives a nice ‘natural’ looking finish. Great for everyday use.

No7 – Dramatic Lift

Hi, little one! I got you in the Boots No7 Xmas bauble. I have to say, as I was expecting you to do what it says on your description, I was a tiny bit disappointed at first. I didn’t experience any drama at all. However once I got over that, you really grew on me. You’re a fantastic little daily mascara, with a super clean and neat finish that just enhances my lashes beautifully. You’re the one I’m wearing daily for a fresh and ‘natural’ look. I’d definitely recommend you for anyone who’s after a beautiful daytime mascara.

Very Me – Funky Extendalash

You’re a bit of a different one. You’re green, to begin with. That’s definitely different. I can’t actually remember if I’ve ever used you on your own. Usually I pair you with one of your siblings. I love it how you put an exciting twist to a traditional black mascara. Let’s face it, sometimes people are just looking for new places where to add a little pop of colour and just a hint of green on my lashes does the trick perfectly for me. Thank you for being so awesomely weird.

I’d also like to mention two of the elderly family members who have now dried out and need to be send off so they may continue their journey on the other side. I’m so sorry to see you go, but I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the beauty you gave me during your rich lives. The two of you are still undeniably my absolute favourites and I’ll make sure to repurchase others from your family in the future. So loyal, always flawless and reliable. Thank you, Maybelline – Colossal Go Extreme! Leather Black and Maybelline – Colossal Volum’ Express Mascara 100% Black. 



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What is it all about, really?

Last night I got to thinking about my blog and I came to a few realisations along the way. Most importantly I found an answer to a question that most bugged me – why do I write? Well, I started to think back to just over a year ago when I first started this little thing here and I remembered that the reason why I decided to write for the world to see was to get back into the habit of just writing. I wrote snippets of stories that were stuck in my head and what had happened during the day. I wrote about what was going on in my mind and just general ramblings.

Somewhere along the way I discovered monthly beauty boxes though, which opened up a whole new world of blogging options for me that I’d had no idea about. My posts became more structured, planned, polished (ok, maybe not that polished). And I do realise you guys (hi, friend!) may not have noticed this at all, but it’s made a huge difference in the way I write my posts. Every time I make a tutorial or a review post I put a lot of work behind them. It’s not that I don’t want to make more effort, it’s more about finding a balance.

Since around December my blog has felt like a chore at times and I think I just needed this little think about what was and what’s going to be, to sort it out in my head a bit. It doesn’t mean I’m going to revolutionise my writing in any way or never post any reviews again. It just means that I’m aware of what’s going on and don’t get sucked into the whirlpool of blogging without having a sure footing.

So here I am, with a mug of Pukka tea (they’re amazing by the way. I absolutely love their teas), with some candles lit and writing away about what my head has cooked up this time. As simple as that. And that’s where I shall leave it for today.

Have a great Sunday, people! 🙂