My Sunday

Dear Diary, Today’s been a great day! It started around 8am, when my other half was getting ready to go out on an adventure day. Once he’d left, as I was up anyway (during inhumane hours for a Sunday), I thought I’ll get some stuff done. So I took a lot of pictures for my […]

A rather odd dream

I dreamt that I’d parked my car at the train station, gotten out to do something (buy a train ticket maybe?) and a few minutes later got back in. As I was preparing to drive back home, 3 older ladies got in. I tried to explain to them that I’m not a taxi and they […]

Third time lucky?

This is my third attempt at writing a post tonight. My first one was about weight, which turned into a ramble so I gave it up. For my second one I was looking for inspiration from 80s rock (as if that could’ve ever worked out. I got way too distracted by the music to come […]

Late night thoughts

Late night? It’s only just gone 10pm. Wow, I AM getting old. Well, in just less than two hours it’s my birthday so I guess that’s fitting. Anyway, I’m in bed, watching Pretty Little Liars and thinking the awesome thoughts and making the awesome plans that you can only do when you’re utterly comfy and […]