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My Sunday

Dear Diary, Today's been a great day! It started around 8am, when my other half was getting ready to go out on an adventure day. Once he'd left, as I was up anyway (during inhumane hours for a Sunday), I thought I'll get some stuff done. So I took a lot of pictures for my… Continue reading My Sunday

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Late night thoughts

Late night? It's only just gone 10pm. Wow, I AM getting old. Well, in just less than two hours it's my birthday so I guess that's fitting. Anyway, I'm in bed, watching Pretty Little Liars and thinking the awesome thoughts and making the awesome plans that you can only do when you're utterly comfy and… Continue reading Late night thoughts

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A letter to my mascaras

Dear mascaras, If you read this, I've gone crazy. Don't expect me back until Thursday. (I mean, if my mascaras are reading this, there's no doubt I've finally lost it). I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for being the most important part of my makeup bag. Even though I can easily… Continue reading A letter to my mascaras