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Late night thoughts


Late night? It’s only just gone 10pm. Wow, I AM getting old. Well, in just less than two hours it’s my birthday so I guess that’s fitting. Anyway, I’m in bed, watching Pretty Little Liars and thinking the awesome thoughts and making the awesome plans that you can only do when you’re utterly comfy and just feel like you’re in your happy place at this moment in time.

We’ve been celebrating my birthday weekend and it’s been super awesome. Went to Manchester today for sushi and a bit of shopping. I had way too many cheesecake balls but not nearly enough. I feel like I should’ve bought some to take away. Oh well. I guess that only makes them so much more special. (If you don’t know what I’m talking about then you want to look up Strawberry Cheesecake Mochi) As for shopping I actually didn’t buy much at all. I was feeling a bit anxious so everything was a bit swirly and closing in on me. It was alright and I had it under control thanks to my Mr but I felt more like browsing than actually buying anything.

I did get two candles from Home Sense though (yeah, I’m still a candle nut). A Cooling Eucalyptus one (I’m hoping it’ll lure a couple of koalas in for me to cuddle as it smells very strongly and amazingly of eucalyptus) and one called Serenity which is … you know what, I’ve no idea what it actually smells of. But it is a rather fresh yet calming sent. Kind of purifying maybe? Is that a way to describe a smell? I don’t know. Continuing with the smelly theme I also picked up a reed diffuser – Purple Blackberry Fig scented one. Very nice and quite fresh. This year I’m really feeling the fresh theme for some reason. Usually I’d still be pining for Xmas at this time but this year it’s all about freshness and spring and all that.

Changing the topic completely – I said I’d write more about my goals and challenges and stuff. Well here’s what I was going to say – I want to do at least six craft projects this year. Last year I did way more than the four I’d set as my target and I’d like to keep it up this year. I love wearing the clothes that I’ve made myself or using my crafty and nifty bits around the house. So yeah. More crafts!

Anyway, I’ll go back to PLL now. I’m in the middle of season five so just two and a half seasons to go!


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