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Some (weird) things I do

That’s literally what I’m going to write about. Buckle up.

When I’m sat down and my cat – Mischief – approaches me, looking like he’s ready for a nice nap on my lap, but I know I’ll need to get up soon, I try to make myself as uncomfortable as possible. This ends up with me in all kinds of weird shapes and Mischief still finds a way to get comfortable on me.

When I start reading a new book, I always check how many pages there are, so I can keep track. I also sometimes read (a bit of the) last page first. It in no way diminishes the enjoyment I get from a book. I just like knowing.

I need to have my keys in a specific order.

In the morning, when I’m getting ready for the day, I lay down everything I’m going to use, sometimes in the order I’m going to use it in. Such as toothbrush and toothpaste followed by deodorant followed by face cleanser followed by moisturiser, etc. I do the same for my before bed cleansing ritual.

When I’m about to run out of something (especially beauty or skincare products), I somehow find myself using twice as much of it (than necessary), just so it’d be gone and I could start a new one.

When going out for a meal I (usually) don’t feel comfortable until I’ve checked the restaurant’s menu online beforehand and decided what I’m going to have.

I open my bananas from the black bit, not the stem end. No mushing and I have a handy stem to hold on to when I get to the bottom of my banana.

I think that’s enough for now. I got some important things off my chest and you all know me a little bit better.


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