My life

A rather odd dream

I dreamt that I’d parked my car at the train station, gotten out to do something (buy a train ticket maybe?) and a few minutes later got back in. As I was preparing to drive back home, 3 older ladies got in. I tried to explain to them that I’m not a taxi and they should get out. They said that their mother won’t be there to pick them up until 9pm. I checked the time and it was currently 7pm.

I was nearly in tears, trying to explain to them that I’m not comfortable driving with strangers in my car and I’d really like for them to get out. They refused.

I then asked where they lived and explained that I’m only going home which was 3 miles from the train station. They said they live near a shop called Argos. I checked Google maps and the nearest Argos was 17.2 miles away. I told them I can’t take them there. They still wouldn’t get out though. Then the car started to roll whilst I was still trying to make out the directions. I cried and cursed a little, then decided to just drive home.

However, apparently my car wasn’t made to carry 4 people, as it got heavier and heavier to pedal (somehow the car had suddenly sprouted bicycle pedals). I kept going down a gear but after a mile, the car just wasn’t moving and the cars behind me were beeping at me angrily and I was so panicky.

I told the grumpy old ladies that they’ll have to get out. I spotted a McDonald’s to my left and I told them I’ll drop them off there. They looked at me aghast as if I was the world’s biggest sack of scum and said they will NOT be taken to McDonald’s.

That’s when I lost it. I couldn’t possibly pedal another inch, it was like trying to move a gigantic boulder. It just wasn’t happening. So I shouted at them to get out. If looks could kill, I would’ve died then. They huffed and puffed their way to McDonald’s.

My car could move again, light as a feather. I drove home.

Later I found out that they had asked for the McDonald’s manager to complain about me. The manager had laughed at them and said they must be nuts.

That’s when I woke up.


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