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I’m more optimistic than I thought

I'm not sure how I've mustered the energy to actually write anything at all at the moment. But here I am. Just as surprised as you are, if you look at the title. I've always tried to keep my glass half full, but at times when the hardships have been piling up, they've become too… Continue reading I’m more optimistic than I thought

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Unboxing #14

Hi all! It's been a few days since my last post and I thought it's about time for another beauty box unboxing. I'm going to call them something else soon as I'm not so much unboxing - it's more of a reviewing. However I do have a whole little series thing going on here with… Continue reading Unboxing #14

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My mind is a fabulous(ly stupid) thing

I don't even know where to begin with this. Or where I'm going with it. I also can't tell you how it's going to end. I see great things ahead with this kind of going! Ok, so, I'll try to make some sense of this. I like routine, having to-do lists to complete, certain patterns… Continue reading My mind is a fabulous(ly stupid) thing


My January Favourites

That's a type of post I haven't actually done before and I'm a bit apprehensive about writing this. I feel like maybe I use the same products all the time and there wouldn't be any variety, if for example I decided that I wanted to make this a monthly thing. But then I remembered that… Continue reading My January Favourites

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Unboxing #13

What's this? It's only half way through a month and I'm already posting an unboxing/review of a beauty box from this month? The world must be ending or going mad or maybe it's just me. Crazy stuff. Anyway, here I am with my Valentine's Day themed Glossybox. And boy am I LOVING it. Rather accurate… Continue reading Unboxing #13

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My January Books

You know I love my challenges and I love books, so of course I needed to combine the two. If you've read my previous posts you know I set myself a reading challenge which I track onĀ goodreads. In January I read four books. My challenge this year is to finish 30, so that's a great… Continue reading My January Books