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My (almost a) week without meat

Ok, so it’s been a week since I started my vegetarian life. I’ll admit that as I was away for two days from 31st of Jan and it involved getting up during inhumane hours, I was so knackered by tea time that I went to the closest food place near my hotel. This happened to be YoSushi and as there weren’t too many vegetarian choices that would’ve appealed to me, I had a couple of fishy rolls. From 1st of February though, I haven’t had any meat products. Just to be clear, I’ve still been having dairy and eggs, etc. Just not actual animals.

To be honest, I don’t feel like it’s much different from what I’d normally eat. I still make the same type of meals, just leave the one ingredient out. To my joy/dismay I also discovered that I can still have takeaways as well. And pizzas. Oh, the pizzas. So yumm.

It so happened that this week we also discovered that there’s a Papa John’s in our town now, so of course we had to check it out. I can confirm they do the best pizzas. I went for their Greek pizza with feta cheese and black olives (just to gross you guys out, I’ll let you know that I also added pineapples to my pizza. It made it soooo much better for me. I love pineapples. What a weird word – pineapple. It does not make me think of the fragrant yellow fruit. Is it even a fruit? OMG, WHAT IS GOING ON?! I think pineapples are plotting to take over the planet. I’m on to them now though, so they better watch out.)

Aaaaaaanyway, back to my food week. I haven’t really been cooking anything yet, with the discovery of Papa John’s and being away from home, but I’ve done my prep work. I went through some of my favourite cookbooks and marked the recipes that I’d like to make. Whilst doing this I also found out I have around 40 cookbooks. That’s not too many, is it?


As for any perks or downsides, I don’t think there’s any of those either. I think my belly is a bit less upset but that could just be because I think more about what I eat, just in case I absentmindedly go for something meaty. So I don’t just shove everything I can find in my kitchen in my mouth.

After having rather successfully finished week 1, I think I’ll continue with it until the end of February. I’ve always liked a challenge so will be interesting to see if I can go through with it. Although as I said it’s not that much different from my normal food habits anyway so it’s not THAT much of a challenge. But hey. We’ll see.

I’ll let you know how my next week goes and if you have any cool recipes or hints and tips, let me know!


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