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Unboxing #12

Today I’m showing you what I got in my monthly Lookfantastic beauty box in January. I actually have a good reason for delaying this one. In addition to ordering myself this box, I also ordered it for my sister for her birthday and she only got hers a couple of days ago. I didn’t want to spoil her surprise by posting about it before she’d gotten hers. Anyway, she’s got hers now, so I can tell you what I got in mine!

I got a very nice liquid glow, a luscious curly mascara, a pair of luxurious rose gold tweezers, a most indulgent face cream thing, a handy brow tamer and a hair mask that I haven’t tried yet. Yes, I’ve reached a point where I get so many things a month that I just don’t have the chance to try them all out straight away. I’m still very excited to have the opportunity to try out so many new products that I’d have never discovered without my trusty beauty boxes though.


Trifle Cosmetics Liquid Glow RRP £16. This liquid highlighter has a beautiful shimmer, it blends easy and it lasts for quite a while. It’s not too glittery and a little goes a long way. I have a feeling it’s going to last me for quite a while at the rate I’m using it now (which is a reasonable amount at a time, I wouldn’t want to look like a sparkly alien). If you’re after a liquid highlighter then this could be for you. *You can shop most of these products at, so I’m not going to mention it separately after each item.


Jelly Pong Pong Fairy Lashes Curl Mascara RRP £17.95. I’ve already mentioned this mascara in a previous post of mine, so I’m not going to go on about it for too long. It’s a great everyday mascara that can be built up somewhat for a bit more dramatic look. It’s not clumping at all which I like, and just feels like it’s super enhancing my lashes for a really pretty look. Love it. (I just realised I don’t have a picture of the wand here, but you can check it out in my previous post here.)


The Vintage Cosmetic Company Rose Gold Tweezers RRP £8. Now, I’m super fussy about my tweezers. I have a pair that’s probably like 6 years old and I’m absolutely terrified of losing them. I’ve tried to find a pair as good as mine, buying quite a few tweezers, but none of them have been anywhere near as nice. Until these ones came along. I can finally stop worrying about losing my precious tweezers, as the ones I got from this box are just as good. They’re not super sharp edged (like what is up with that?), they have a comfortable slant and they look pretty. Perfect. If I lost both of my good tweezers now, I wouldn’t hesitate to repurchase these.


Nuxe Nuexellence Eclat RRP £48 for a 50ml bottle (the sample size is 15ml.) My previous experience with Nuxe has been quite… hmm… well, I’ve loved some of their products but some has left me quite indifferent. So I was perhaps somewhat apprehensive about this cream. I shouldn’t have been though. I’ve tried it a few times and it’s a really nice cream/serum thing. It smells nice, it’s very lightweight and leaves my skin silky smooth. Love iiiiiit!


Pixi Brow Tamer RRP £12. It works great on my eyebrows which are sometimes a bit unruly. I don’t know, have you ever woken up in the morning only to realise that your eyebrow hairs are sticking out in super weird angles? It happens to me sometimes and that’s when I really need something to tame them with. On normal days it’s just a good insurance policy if you will. I can go about my day without having to worry about my brows doing anything funny. Not that I spend much time worrying about that actually. I don’t know. It’s good to have and use anyway. Plus the little bottle looks very cute.


Briogeo Don’t Despair, Repair! Deep Conditioning Mask RRP £30 for 236ml (sample size is 29ml) I haven’t tried it yet, but it smells really nice and promises all kinds of amazing things (repairing damaged hair, enhancing shine and reducing breakage for example). It has no sulfates, parabens, silicones, phthalates, artificial colours or chemical fragrance. I don’t even know what phthalates are and I’d have no idea how to pronounce it, so I suppose not having any of it can only be a good thing.


That’s it. That’s my box. It was my second box from Lookfantastic and it’s definitely amazing value for what you pay and I’m super happy with what I got in there. Can’t wait to see what they’ve got in store this month.


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