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We meat again…

Yes. Looks like meat’s back on the menu, boys! It just happened without much thought. Ok, some thought went into it. And a small mental breakdown. I don’t know, don’t ask me. It was weird. Anyway, what made it happen was a choice between a weird mushy chickpea burger and a spicy chicken burger. Sooooo yeah.

For those of you who have no idea what I’m on about – I left meat out of my meals for just over a week in the beginning of February. Mainly just out of interest. Partially also to see if it’d have any health benefits (I think my stomach is a bit calmer now?). And also to introduce more veggies to my menu. Because I love veggies and I’m just too lazy to bother with them. I love fruit too. Like, a lot. I’m pretty sure I have my 5 a day of fruit and veg. Mostly fruit. I really need to cut back.

My conclusion is that I still love veggies, however I’m still too lazy to bother with them much. Actually no, I love veggies even more now, not just ‘still love them’. It has been somewhat of an eye-opener. I enjoyed most of my vegetable meals very much (except for that mushy chickpea burger). Some of them more so than their meaty counterparts. For example all the vegetarian pizzas that I tried (I mean, I had to be thorough with my research, so I needed to have as many as possible), were incredibly nice and I think I’ll continue to get them instead of ones with meat.

I think that’s the biggest thing I’m taking out of this whole experience. It’s so easy to get meat wrong and if it’s of poorer quality at all it’s just not nice. Vegetable dishes however are pretty much what they say on the label. And they’re often fresh. Not that meat foods aren’t fresh. Ok, I’m getting all muddled up here now.

Moral of the story – even though I’m not a true convert, I believe I’m now more likely to get/prepare a vegetarian meal than go for a poorer quality meat alternative.

And who knows, maybe I’ll ditch meat for a while again in the future. Until then I’ll just try to keep things balanced (the five doughnuts I’ve had throughout the day were to balance the… who am I kidding, they were just delicious).

(Also, yes, I know my picture for this post features fruit not vegetables/meat, which are the main topics, but I’m staying in a hotel at the moment and that’s all I’ve got to work with without leaving my room. Plus I sneakily mentioned fruit earlier. Just for this reason. And because I love fruit.)


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